Food Diary #3

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    Here’s what I’ve been munching on between April and May. I don’t think tamago nigiri is ever going to leave this series lol. So I think you’re going to see it every time I do my food round ups. Same with Beard Papa’s. They’ve been on my radar for a while now. I’ll try to expand to different food, but once I’m into something, it kind of takes a while before I try to find different snacks. 


    Top Three Favorites:

    x White Cran Peach  Ocean Spray (It’s so pretty! It’s the perfect light pink/rose gold and it’s hydrating even though it screams cocktail)

    x Strawberry Eclairs with vanilla filling 

    x Red Robin Mocha Mamon  

    For people who follow my personal ig and watch my stories that I update sporadically, I did drink Starbucks this month. But I have decided not to feature them for this blog post. The only reason why I’ve been getting Starbucks so much is for my mom’s garden. Every afternoon at 3 PM, we’d go to Starbucks and we’d do to the drive-thru and ask for their coffee grounds that they were going to throw away so we can use it for fertilizers for my mom’s plants. We kind of started feeling guilty that we went there without buying anything because we might get the workers in trouble for giving us the heavy, coffee grounds for free. So we started getting summer drinks + give them tips every time we ask for coffee grounds. For solidarity of BLM, I have decided not to include them in this Food Diary. 

    I’m going to do a DIY Copy Cat Starbucks in my next post to feature one of the secret menus drink that I did enjoy. I was able to find every ingredient at Target,  at around $40. So please be on the look out for the upcoming posts at “Dazed Mari.”


    I love a lot of pastries but if I could recommend anything for you to try, you should try mamon or ensaymada. They’re both Filipino food and I think you’ll really enjoy them :D 

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