Chantal Heutink: Connecting Women with Their Inner Power | FP Webinar #3


1:07 Introduction of the topic & the speakers

6:10 Differences between masculine & feminine qualities

12:00 How can we come up with creative solutions as women when we are so busy in our day-to-day?

17:00 Exercise on finding peace & connecting with your feminine power

26:37 How can we get the feminine qualities more accepted and valued in a corporate world, that is so dominated by the masculine way of working and thinking?

33:40 Competition amongst women

34:57 Feminine qualities: collaboration, intuition, having insights

36:23 How Chantal acknowledged her inner power

39:35 In your day-to-day, what's the percentage of feminine & masculine energy that you have?

42:01 How do you justify intuition?

49:52 How to not get intimidated by people with overwhelming masculine energy?

52:33 How to help women connect with their inner power?

55:00 Closure & Thank You 

On the 13th of January, we hosted our first webinar of the year on Connecting Women with Their Inner Power. Our speaker was Chantal Heutink (International Speaker, STOP your Inner Critic & Leading Lady Coach, Trainer, and Author of the book 'Op hoge hakken in Afrika') and the moderator was Julia Mitereva (Co-Founder of FashionPotluck.com).

Chantal has had a long self-discovery journey, getting a variety of experiences across the globe. One of her turning points was her journey to Kenya, where she stayed for quite some time, starting a business and getting to know the culture around her. She was fascinated by the culture in general and specifically the power that Kenyan women carry inside themselves. This journey, full of highs and lows, has inspired Chantal to connect with her inner power, write a book, and continue inspiring women around the world.✨🙏

"I want to connect women to their inner strength, their fire, so that they create the life they long for. It is time for women to take their place in the world."

During the webinar, together with Chantal, we discussed the difference between masculine & feminine energy, the importance of connecting with your inner power, and most importantly - shared the exercises on how to do it.❤ 


The Fashion Potluck Team

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