Fashion Potluck Hoodie: Made with Love ❤️

    Dear community,

    Welcome our very own Fashion Potluck Hoodie in nude color.❤️

    Buy here.

    Our hoodie has an extremely warm, soft, and thick jersey and a double-fabric hood, which makes it very durable & high-quality. The design includes the hand-written name of Fashion Potluck and a stitched part, which includes our values & an empowering quote by Frida Kahlo:

    "I'm my own muse. I'm the subject I know best. The subject I want to better."

    Price: €60 

    For orders, contact us via direct messages or at inspire@fashionpotluck.com

    Made with love ❤️ 

    • Maria T Maria T :

      It's so beautiful! Love the color 😍

      1 month ago 
      • Fashion P Fashion P :

        Thank you, Maria! Honestly, we haven't worn anything else since receiving it :)

        1 month ago 
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