The 5 Jewellery Trends To Try This Fall & Winter | Where To Buy

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The 5 Jewellery Trends To Try This Fall & Winter | Where To Buy

    As the main star or as a flattering component, jewelry is a true must-add to any look. Although there are some staples that we would never abandon, here are some of the 2022 Fall & Winter trends to keep on your radar. Bedazzled away!


    Pearls with a Modern Twist

    In our opinion, pearls could never go out of style. However, it does seem that this season they are taking their place at center stage side by side with the new trends. With a modern and fresh twist, pearls are back in vogue and are suitable for all ages and occasions. Whether you use them in a statement piece or a more delicate design, pearls will always be a symbol of sophistication that promises to elevate your look. 

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    Lorina Balteanu Dallas Necklace 

    Completed Works Tra-la-la Earrings 

    Hoops & Loops

    This new season seems to be all about bringing the classics back. In addition to pearls, hoops are also starring on every list of top trends. Bold, discrete, big or dainty, hoops are able to fit practically any style. 

    Where to Buy: 

    Kendra Scott Abbie Earrings 

    Swarosvki Dextera Earrings 

    The Unstoppable Choker

    Still on the subject of comebacks, who remembers when chokers took the world by storm? Well, they are back, bolder and more elegant than ever. Refined with a touch of rebellious punk and a dash of fetishism, this piece has been around for hundreds of years and it is not going anywhere. 

    Where to Buy: 

    Lorina Balteanu Bari Choker 

    Swarosvki Ortyx 

    Make a Bracelet Statement

    This season, bracelets are not supposed to play it low. On the contrary, statement bracelets are trending and the motto is: the bigger the better. Also, add “the more the better” to that because layering is a must!

    Where to Buy: 

    Lorina Balteanu Marilyn Bracelet 

    Swarosvki Harmonia Cuff 

    Chains Everywhere

    In necklaces, earrings or even other accessories, chains are easy to mix and match, bringing a modern twist to any outfit. Use it with a layering technique for a statement result, or with a more gentle approach for a timeless finish.

    Where to Buy: 

    Completed Gold Plated Necklace 

    Kendra Scott Sailor Chain 

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