We need your opinion-talking about eating disorders

We need your opinion-talking about eating disorders


    We are currently working on a new project, a very important one – Eating Disorders. It’s not an entertaining topic, nor it is being discussed often.

    Eating disorder is one of the most common illnesses amongst women, however, 70% of affected people do not seek help. We want to gather knowledge, information, and recommendations from professionals and share it with our women community.  

    The content will be shared with you at our Fashion Potluck Blog. We want to know your opinion and what you want to find out. Which topic interests you more:

        1.    What are the main misconceptions about EDs?

        2.    What are the causes of EDs and why do they usually come back?

        3.    What are the alternative methods of dealing with EDs?

        4.    Other suggestions 

    Please, share your choice in the comments below or e-mail us at inspire@fashionpotluck.com.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


    The Fashion Potluck Team

    • Chelf D Chelf D : it would be very interesting to know the main causes.
      3 years ago 
    • Una  O Una O : I have heard that once you have an ED, it never really goes away ... would be interesting to know more about it! :)
      3 years ago 
    • Ellie Ellie : I would love to find out whether the girls are aware of their ED, and which techniques they use to hide it from their families?
      3 years ago 
    • Fashion P Fashion P : Thank you a lot for your replies girls! We will definitely make sure to incorporate these questions in our project so you will get an answer to them very soon! Please let us know if you would like to know something else related to ED! xx The Fashion Potluck Team
      3 years ago 
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