9 Surprising Facts About Sex You Should Be Aware Of

9 Surprising Facts About Sex You Should Be Aware Of

    There are a lot of facts about sex that can help you understand it better. Additionally, there are a lot of health benefits and drawbacks of sex that can significantly change your attitude towards sex. In this article, we have gathered nine surprising facts about sex you should be aware of.

    1. Sex can cope with a headache

    Sex, especially orgasm, boosts the production of endorphins that are called “feel-good chemicals”. The chemicals can improve your mood and ease painful sensations at the same time because of their pain-relieving properties. That’s why there is no reason to refuse sex if you suffer from a headache. 

    2. Sex helps stay fit

    If you don’t want to work out or exercise to stay fit, you can replace exercises with sex. Sex is also a physical activity that can help you lose weight and make your muscles stronger. During sex, the heart rate increases, and different muscle groups work together. As a result, about 5 calories are burned per minute of sex. This means that sex burns an average of 150 calories in 30 minutes. So having an active sex life is a great way to exercise. You should also know that beneficial chemicals that are released during sex can suppress hunger and promote weight loss.

    3. Sex requires good foreplay

    There is a common misconception that women don’t need to be fully aroused to have sex. but the reality is that prolonged foreplay contributes to increased natural lubrication that can make sex more pleasant. You should understand that insufficient lubrication can result in pain during sex and even lead to microcracks and bleeding. 

    4. Sex helps bond you to your partner

    If sex disappears from your bedroom, it can result in many problems in relationships. You should know that people who don’t have sex with their partners are more likely to have an affair or break up. Sex can help you feel close to your partner and make your relationships stronger. 

    5. Sex can result not only in pregnancy

    It is important to understand that unprotected sex can have serious complications like sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These infections and viruses can develop asymptomatically in many people that may not know that they are infected and pass STDs to their partners. But you should understand that in other people, they can cause severe symptoms and lead to severe complications. 

    6. Sex relieves pain during periods

    As mentioned above, sex and orgasm boost the production of endorphins that have pain-relieving properties. That’s why you can have sex instead of taking painkillers when you suffer from painful periods. If you don’t want to spoil the sheets, take a shower right before sex and lay a towel on the bed. 

    7. Sex can help you sleep better

    If you have poor sleep at night, you can have sex in the evening to get more tired. People who have an orgasm before going to bed are more likely to have better quality sleep. So, if the next time you feel sleepy after pleasant sex, don't try to fight it.

    8. Sex boosts your immunity

    If you are prone to catch a cold regularly, it means that may need to have sex more often. The point is that sex can increase the production of infection-fighting antibodies. People who have regular sex usually have a stronger immune system that protects them from germs, viruses, and many diseases.

    9. Sex can help improve low self-esteem

    The link between self-esteem and sex is quite clear. The higher self-esteem you have, the more self-confident and sexy you feel. So if you want to improve your self-esteem, you need to get rid of complexes and have sex more often.

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