All Natural Skin Care And Beauty Ingredients

All Natural Skin Care And Beauty Ingredients

    Taking into account that it is the 21st century and the beauty world has improved so much in terms of hi-tech devices and scientifically produced solutions, it is quite interesting how much more effective a natural organic solution for skin can be.

     So many of the beauty products we use daily contain chemicals that can be, in fact, harmful to our skin. Apart from the health issues, there is an ever growing concern of pollution. Every part of the mass production of beauty products is destroying our environment. From the way they are created to the manner of their unethical disposal.

    It comes as no surprise that consumers are starting to look for old-school solutions to their skin problems. Women have been using traditional, natural ingredients for centuries before the beauty industry even started to exist. There are numerous ways you can make your skin, hair, teeth, and nails look healthy and sleek by using what is already in your kitchen cupboard. Here are some of the most popular ingredients for you to try and see their benefits yourself.

    Coconut Oil

     One of the ingredients with the most benefits to your skin is no other than coconut oil. It contains antibacterial and antiviral substances that enable your skin to fight even the toughest conditions such as psoriasis, ekzema, and even atopic dermatitis. Extra virgin coconut oil makes your skin a ticker barrier making it so much harder for inflammatory agents to push through.
     This ingredient can also be helpful with removing make-up, moisturizing and even be the perfect solution to your scars and wounds, making them heal faster.
     Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar is more than a helpful beauty product which uses in dealing with skin conditions date back to the time of Hippocrates who was a firm believer in their anti fungal properties.
     This affordable every-day ingredient is particularly useful with fighting bacteria and clearing the skin back up after a gut issue. It helps with acne prevention, improves liver function and balances gut bacteria.

    Pink Clay Soap

    Looking for a soap that will not dry up your skin but will still remove all the impurities from your face? Look no further! A pink clay soap is the product you were looking for. This all-natural soap is made from a mild, organic formula which includes clay and controls sebum production while deeply cleansing your skin at the same time.

    Green Tea

    Green tea is already widely known for its health benefits. However, it is no less beneficial when it comes to skin health and rejuvenation. Polyphenol that is heavily present in the green tea leaves contains antioxidant properties responsible for helping restore skin damaged from the sun and making it appear younger.


    Apart from consuming above mentioned ingredients, there are also other full-proof ways of keeping your skin healthy and glowing which you shouldn’t neglect. Drinking the proper amount of water is essential for the body as this is the way it flushes toxins and restores cells. 7 to 8 glasses of water are recommended daily intake. 

    Getting a proper night sleep and reducing stress can also be immensely beneficial to your skin health. If you are having trouble sleeping don’t just ignore it. Make changes to your diet by including more leafy vegetables and try cutting back on alcohol, sugar, gluten, and dairy.

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