BTS: Bristle & Bones Photoshoot

    Happy Sunday everyone! How’s your weekend going?? I’m spending this weekend with Ryan which is consisting of lots of rest, blogging and night photography adventures (you know, chasing the milkyway, cause everyone does that right?!). Basically I’m doing everything besides what I should be doing: my uni work ha! Anywho, this time last week things were a little bit different, I was at a photoshoot with Bristle & Bones (you might remember them from this post here) and today I’m going to show you what we got up to! 

    As you have probably already guessed, the shoot was 70’s inspired and I absolutely loved it. The big hair. The velvet. The flares. 70s Perfection. Now let’s discuss the deets....

    Read more here: http://www.chante-louise.com/bts-bristle-bones-photoshoot/

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