Don't forget who you are.

    Evening all ❤️ 

    Monday is nearly over and tommrow is a new day. 

    After a bit more retail therapy and a little bit more self love im feelings more relaxed. 

    What a difference a bit of me time can make to your soul. 

    It's really important that we understand that self love is very crucial in our own self discovery. 

    If we think negative about ourselves this can and will have a knock on affect to our self esteem.

    We spend that much time on trying to love someone else and make them happy in a relationship. 

    That we loose ourselves in the process. 

    If your in a love connection that requires you to change who you are as a person.

    That's loving someone else but loosing yourself in process.

    Its sad but true it's happened to me on a number of occasions. 

    We try so hard to be the person thats required that you loose touch with your own soul. 

    Love shouldn't be about trying to be that perfect person, that's just setting yourself up for disaster from the start. 

    Love is about the good the bad and the ugly.

    Someone seeing your strength and your weakness. 

    And still being by your side each day. 

    My nan always said how on earth are you going to allow anyone to love you if you don't love yourself. 

    It's not that everyone who loves themselves are vain it means that they're comfortable in their own skin to admit. 

    That they have grown from the past and are able to find peace in their own soul rather than seeking validation from others. 

    Most important thing I've learnt is that it is OK to switch off from everyday life and people who bring negativity to the table. 

    It really doesn't matter what other people's perception of you is. 

    That's not important what is important is how you see yourself. 

    Someone will love you for just simply being you. 

    No change is needed but always remember to put yourself on top of your own priority list. 

    And never change for anyone. 

    Love to you all 

    Stacie ? ? ? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 







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