Ex Libris: Sealed Love Letters | Singularity

Ex Libris: Sealed Love Letters | Singularity

    1; I said I liked that striped pullover, once and then I saw you wear it again the next day. Didn't kindergarteners say that you know someone loves you if they wear the same shirt twice after you tell them you like how they look in it. As a crazed school girl, I always imagined myself being your wife after school. It's so silly now, I know. A lot of people say we look like siblings. A janitor has said that if two people look like they are brother and sister that meant that they were the one for each other. Of course, I understood he didn't mean anything incestuous by it. Just the process of staying together is known to literally fuse two people together. And sometimes they carry each other's memory and mix them up because they have truly become one. Isn't that lovely? 

    2; I just realized your grey eyes suit you really well because grey is the color of cerebral prowess. You know you remind me of this fictional character I used to watch. It was this girl who's always at parties who helps the people she loves but can't seem to do the same sacrifice for herself. Aging doesn't mean one stops being arresting. For me, it adds to their preexisting ravishing features. I wish you loved yourself more. Take care of yourself. 

    3; ENFP, I'm sorry I wouldn't reach for your hand while you were on the floor. It always felt like you were constantly making fun of me, so I always glared at you. But I was never angry. I was touched by how you thought I was worthy of attention. You always had a smile ready for me. Even when there was gossip and I was ostracized by other people, you were always so kind. 

    4; During that spring semester, we were at one of those underground annex. You wouldn't stop gaping at me. And you wouldn't meet my eyes. It made me curious because I certainly wasn't the prettiest girl in the room. Every pause, during the film, I could feel your eyes at the sides of my cheeks. Where are you now

    5; This is more of a letter to my childhood, but you are the person that allows me to access it quickly from my memories: stray cats, pink bazooka gums, your sister and her balcony, and the dusty streets we used as a playground. 

    Footnote: This may not be the final design. I still haven't found my pink ribbons. Also, I'm never breaking my No Contact Rules. I would like to focus more on therapy. Singularity is a title named after Carter's analysis of Sade and his debauchery. And I like how in sci-fi's the pilot always confirms on the radio, "no singularities, here." I still haven't finished reading it but I like what I have read so far. Five for pentacles, because I always associate December with stars.

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