Is it Safe to Travel in the Fall of 2021?

    It's officially autumn here in Europe and with the beginning of the new season, the fear of lockdown and another pandemic wave is on everyone's mind. The question that popped more than often is: is it safe for me to travel? My answer: Only if you feel it’s safe!

    2020 and 2021 were pretty tough years for all of us travelers, with restrictions and instability, long-term plans being almost impossible to make. Yet even during times like these, there were some of us who managed to escape and at least try to enjoy a vacation in a different country, sometimes even a different continent. So here is my take on this question.

    1. It’s safe to travel if you are vaccinated

    First point might start a polemic, yet it is the way it is. Most countries right now demand the vaccine, in Europe, there are some that also accept a negative PCR test or the proof that you recover from COVID-19, yet there might still be places where you will not be allowed entry. 

    We might have the 3rd dose coming up, so prepare the arm and the suitcase.

    2. It’s safe as long as you are cautious 

    We are still in a pandemic, therefore wearing a mask and keeping your distance should be always respected. If we want to “go back to normal” we need to make sure we are not putting ourselves or anyone else in danger. 

    My advice, avoid crowds, parties indoors, or any other place where distancing might not be possible. 

    3. Yes, if you are prepared to adapt to changes

    Having a well-made plan is not going to work nowadays, situations change, new restrictions can appear overnight and what is happening today might be very different from what will happen tomorrow. 

    If you like to have a strict plan and you want it followed, this might not be the perfect time to plan a vacation.

    4. Yes, if you have the right type of insurance

    Up until 2020, getting travel insurance was more of a nice to have, but now it became a must. There is no way of knowing what will happen, so do not risk it. From cancellation and loss of money to getting sick in a foreign country and having to stay in a hospital.

    Make sure you check 1000 times before purchasing to have all the worst-case scenarios covered and only after that, click the buy button.

    5. Yes, if you love to wander 

    The last point is a subjective one. If you love traveling, you respect the rules and you are willing to risk it, then for you, it’s safe to travel. There will always be things that can go wrong, you could always catch a disease or whatnot, but it’s also important to listen to your heart and do what you desire. 

    For me traveling in 2020 and 2021 was a mouth of fresh air, helped me in a time when I felt down and at the edge of burnout. Even if I stressed about the unknown, by the time I arrived at the destination, I felt like I made the right decision. We all have our hobbies, we all want to live our best lives given the circumstances, so don’t forget that we also need our mental health to survive. If you are still wondering if you should travel, my answer to you is yes, just take the right measures of precaution. 

    Happy holidays!

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      This is a very interesting and important article, luliana <3 Thank you for sharing! 

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