My Inspirational Weekend Potluck♥

    Happy Friday!

    After a very productive & busy week of work it's time for a fun, chilled, but even more productive weekend!

    5 new jackets to design, one project to give life to, and 3 books to read are awaiting for me.  

    Here's my weekend potluck for you girls at Fashion Potluck, sounds ironic right.  

    It is going to be a very psychology- and growth-oriented weekend, haha. So, here's the list of books to read:

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (classics of relationship psychology!)

    The Cinderella Complex - good to read while feminism is becoming a very fast-growing movement

    ○ Russian time-management book - Муза и чудовище. Как организовать творческий труд

    Music to listen to this weekend:

    ○ Bonobo - before his set in Amsterdam on the 16th of November (Yay!)

    ○ Laura Pergolizzi - going to her concert in December too!♥

    ○ Sunday Vibes (if I remember the name correctly) playlist in Spotify

    ○ Земфира - my fave Russian singer since forever (btw, some of my jackets are inspired by her songs too)

    Besides work and productivity, there should be a room for fun at weekends. So, we are also going to Museum Night in Amsterdam with a big group of friends.

    And, what are your plans for this weekend girlsss?♥

    xoxo Julia

    • Tracy C Tracy C : I love your denim jacket in the picture! I have been dying to get my hands on an oversized jacket! It sounds like you had a good weekend! I am going to make note of the books and music you mentioned as I am always looking for something new to read or listen to!
      4 years ago 
      • Julia M Julia M : Tracy, thank you for your comment! You should definitely read those books, too good! I hope you had a good weekend too x
        4 years ago 
    • Susana L Susana L : Love this shot of you!! I'm intrigued about The Cindrella Complex, will have to check it out!!
      4 years ago 
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