One hand on the door

    Here i stand one hand on the door.
    You seemed to have gone now.
    But then im not too sure.

    There is no clue of what's on your mind.
    Of the secrets you hold on the inside.

    You just seem to vanish and hide from your heart.
    Im not even sure if there was love at the start.

    With pure thoughts and a heart filled of love.
    Now im so cold I've just given up.

    You will never know how our story would unfold.

    Page by page it just got to old.

    You had chosen yourself.

    And that was that... Always going forward and never going back.

    Here i stand one hand on the door.
    Tears in my eyes and my heart on the floor.

    I looked for you and you wasnt there.
    Now i know that you just don't care.

    One last time i called your name.
    Hoping that you could see this isn't a game.

    You never replied with my one hand on the door.. As i slowly Whispered i just can't do this anymore.

    Stacie Leanne ? ? ? ❤️


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