Practical Ways to Use Technology to Improve Customer Service

Practical Ways to Use Technology to Improve Customer Service

    It’s no secret that modern-day customers have numerous options when selecting which companies and brands to buy from. As such, today's entrepreneurs are increasingly investing in customer service to help them offer more value to clients and increase their enterprises' chances of success in the highly competitive marketplace.

    Thankfully, technology has simplified customer care in numerous ways, so you can always leverage it to offer better client support to your customer base. Here are some practical ways to use technology to boost your customer service efforts.

    Communicate using various new technologies

    There are several ways to contact and engage clients in this digital age, so enterprises have no actual excuse for sustaining poor communication models. Therefore, talk to clients through many platforms like live chat, phone calls, and SMS to ensure that you can address their concerns in a timely and efficient manner. The best thing about having so many modes of reaching out to customers is that you can connect with them through their preferred communication medium, allowing for maximum convenience. Consequently, it’s also a great idea to invest in great customer service solutions that enable you to interact with your patrons on multiple platforms. Reliable brands such as Bright Pattern can help you find the best contact center software for your remote workforce.

    Bright Pattern offers one of the best remote contact center solutions on the market to help today's enterprises decentralize their call center operations. Virtual call centers are cloud contact centers that allow you to save on data center expenses, facilities costs, operating costs, among others. In addition, this contact center solution enables you to recruit highly skilled contact center agents from anywhere in the world, so you can have geographically dispersed remote workers instead of having all of them concentrated in a single site. Bright Pattern's remote call center solution has ACD software that intelligently distributes calls and connects callers to suitable agents based on proximity, ensuring that voice quality isn't an issue.

    Also, you can conduct quality management on other communication channels like social networks, video, and messaging apps. Additionally, you experience no downtime, stress-free upgrades, global flexibility, and excellent load balancing that allows another call center to handle your calls if one contact center is overloaded. What's more, this contact center solution integrates with your everyday business software like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zoho, Pipkins, and Salesforce.

    Leverage effective marketing automation strategies

    Marketing automation refers to software technologies developed for marketing departments and firms to advertise effectively on various online channels like social media and email. These software solutions can also automate several repetitive tasks like sales activities and online marketing campaigns. In addition, marketing automation comes in handy in maintaining customer relationships because it allows you to operate faster, smarter, and more efficiently. For example, by automating some of your emails, you can respond to client queries in real-time to guarantee effective customer service. Leading web security solutions such as Securd are great examples of modern technology brands that use marketing automation in their daily operations.

    Securd is a DNS firewall and web filtering solution designed for organizations that need to defend their networks and end-users from malicious sites, new domains, and other cyber threats. This solution proactively analyzes and ranks more than 300 active and inactive domains for trust and safety. Additionally, their patent-pending grey wall technology monitors your DNS traffic and creates a time barrier between new and suspicious domains to block any zero-day threats. What's more, Securd.com blocks access to known threats, securing you against malware, cyber threats, and ransomware in over 15 categories.

    Create self-reliant customers using your website.

    Several people are reluctant to ask for help, so prioritize teaching self-reliance through various technological solutions as an effective way to assist clients. For example, you can use your business website to provide information like your contact details, store policies, and operating hours, so patrons don't have to reach out to you directly. Videos, educational blog posts, webinars, podcasts, and other media are some excellent ways to use your website to provide information to clients. Trusted brands such as LifeRaft are good examples of businesses in the corporate security sector that provide helpful information on their website to clients.

    LifeRaft's Navigator platform is a powerful corporate security solution that identifies, analyzes, and validates potential threats to your employees, business operations, or company property in real-time. In addition, their website offers helpful articles to organizations on useful corporate security tips, like the various social engineering methods and how to avoid being a victim. Social engineers love phishing scams, making it the most common form of social engineering. This type of attack involves scammers recreating websites or support pages of renowned companies and sending unsuspecting victims the links via email addresses and social media accounts.

    The goal here is stealing sensitive, personal data like your credit card information. Baiting is another common form of social engineering that has evolved from cyber criminals leaving infected USB drives in public places hoping someone will pick them up and use them on their devices. Today's baiting efforts involve various download links containing malicious software being presented to random users hoping that someone clicks. There are many other social engineering tactics out there, but you can secure your enterprise from all of them through proper security awareness training.

    Customer service is undoubtedly essential in today’s competitive business environment. The points above are some practical ways to leverage your operations to guarantee effective customer service.

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