The Jewelry Marketing Guide

    Classic pieces of jewelry are essential accessories in the wardrobes of many fashionistas. However, just like every other product on the market today, every piece of jewelry requires creative content ideas and strategic initiatives to ensure marketing success. This marketing guide has helpful tips for marketing your jewelry brand and products to the right audience.

    Publishing Schedule

    Now more than ever, social media posts require more personalization. Therefore, using the same message as a template and duplicating it across all your digital channels may not be an effective way to go. Your jewelry products stand a better chance of earning more visibility by using a publishing schedule. An effective social media calendar can afford you more flexibility to plan and schedule individual social media posts over a particular time period based on your business goals and content strategy. That way, you can always have enough time to generate new ideas for efficient marketing operations.

    Using a content calendar also comes with several real-time collaboration benefits for other creatives responsible for content management on your social networks. Some content calendar solutions come with shareable dashboards. At a glance, the calendar view presents all planned content and the responsibilities of the creatives working on them. That way, you can track the progress of each online content item in real-time.

    The good news about using content calendars to schedule content is that the benefits are open to both small and large enterprises. Today, teams of all sizes can download a free marketing calendar solution in a matter of seconds. There are as many tools like Excel spreadsheets to create your own calendar as there are sites that provide customizable templates on the go.


    Marketing has become increasingly competitive, and the best way to improve brand awareness is through visual storytelling. Beyond the actual pieces, what fashionistas love the most are the people they see wearing them. Suppose you're marketing new Kristen Diana Designs to your customers: It's vital to educate consumers about how pearls can be integrated into everyday wear. You can use throwback images of Princess Diana (the Princess of Wales), who was a lover of pearls. In the United Kingdom, many jewelry fanatics, especially in the early '90s, came to love pearls thanks to Princess Diana's style.

    Younger pearl lovers also have eyes on celebrities like Kristen Stewart, who played Princess Diana in the movie Spencer. She was featured wearing stunning pearls that were reminiscent of Diana's life and style. On your website, you can create a blog post about an ideal "Diana's look" with photos of Diana. The more you publish such visual content using similar strategies, the more likely your brand can carve for itself a position on the market as a valuable player.

    Enhanced Web Targeting

    About 81 percent of customers perform a background search online about a product before making the final purchase decision. As a brand, what your customers find when they Google your necklace or bracelet is essential. Subjecting every marketing activity and your content plan to extensive web targeting can be a great way to anticipate searches and streamline strategies for improved returns on investments (ROI).

    Your marketing team can track a specific keyword that relates more to your brand and products. With every query that includes your keyword, your website can generate a lead and ultimately a sale. This can be possible through link building, WordPress SEO plugins, and several other SEO resources available for all business types.

    Influencer Partnerships

    Online influencers and their user communities can complement the efforts of your sales team significantly. According to survey reports, about 70 percent of young social media users trust influencer opinions about a brand more than branded content. In many ways, these personalities influence purchasing decisions. Aligning with them can be a great way to attract a new target audience, with the influencer doing most of the work.

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