After a while, your wardrobe can be compared to your post-holiday body; burdened by the unnecessary weight and in dire need of a good cleanse or detox. A loaded closet is a common thing for most women, and for many reasons. Some of us are just too busy to conduct regular clean-ups, others get sentimentally attached to garments and become unwilling to let them go, and then there are those who are addicted to shopping and just add new members without getting rid of a single old piece. In theory, having plenty of options sounds amazing, but in practice, it’s a sartorial hell. In practice, a loaded wardrobe results in the famous ‘I have nothing to wear’ situation as everything in front of you is so dissimilar in style that there is no way you can make a great outfit, not to mention items that are now too big, too small or even outdated. Well, it’s time for a clean slate, so roll up your sleeves, leave your emotions aside and get ready for some serious detoxing.

    closet uncluttering guide fashion tips blogger

    Should I stay or should I go

    When starting off your detox, the first rule you must follow is the one-year rule. As much as you think you will wear those items, deep down you know you won’t, so everything that hasn’t touched your body for a year goes. You can make some money by selling your clothes, or you can do a good deed and donate them. The second step is getting rid of items that you have a sentimental attachment to, but no practical use. We know it’s hard, but you’ll love other pieces again, so set these free. They may remind you of some monumental times in your life, but your style evolves as you mature, and they’re probably outdated by now, so it’s really high time to say goodbye. 

    closet uncluttering guide fashion tips blogger

    Next in line are the ‘nerve-racking items – those that seemed like a good idea at the time, but seem to clash with virtually everything you own and they make it impossible for you to create a decent outfit. After that, we have the impulse purchases – things you bought because you were craving to shop or had come across a sale and you couldn’t resist a great bargain, but now you don’t know what to do with them. Now, the toughest items to part ways with are the pricey ones. You’d spent a great deal on an item, and hence feel extremely reluctant to give it up as it feels like money down the toilet. What you need to understand is that, the money is gone, so you can try to sell it – someone will see this item as bright, shiny and new, but you won’t, so whether you sell or donate is irrelevant. Hug it, say your goodbyes and let go, it’s time for better things. 

    closet uncluttering guide fashion tips blogger

    Finally, we reach the too small or too big category, the last one. When it comes to items that are too big, if they’re still in great shape, don’t throw them away – find a good tailor, have them taken in and it will be like getting an entirely new piece. As for the small items, keep one or two that are really great and think of them as aspirational garments that will nudge you into going back to a smaller size. The rest should be packed away as there is no point holding on to piles of clothes that no longer fit.

    closet uncluttering guide fashion tips blogger

    A clean slate 

    You may feel discouraged right now as your wardrobe must seem like a glass half-empty. This is the wrong way to think about things because a semi-empty closet is your excuse to shop for new items. Now, this is a delicate matter and should be approached in a very serious and organized manner. In order not to clutter up your closet again, this time shop smarter. This means investing in fewer, but high-quality pieces that also have that timeless vibe to them. Think in terms of classic trench coats, quality leather jackets, a pricey but perfectly fitting pair of jeans, an elegant dress that fits your body typeperfectly, as well as quality basics such as organic cotton tees, a white shirt and a chic Breton top.

    closet uncluttering guide fashion tips blogger

    Speaking of basics, it’s paramount to invest in quality undergarments. Not only do they have the power of making or breaking an outfit, but the right ones provide you with proper support and comfort, and given its numerous health benefits and the recent emphasis on sustainable fashion, investing in amazing organic bamboo clothing – undergarments, in particular, is the best move you can make. Organic fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool and bamboo are the future. They’re durable, good for your health and for the environment as well, hence definitely worth considering. 

    closet uncluttering guide fashion tips blogger

    A little indulgence 

    Timeless pieces are great, but you know what’s even better? Mixing them perfectly with a few trendy ones that mesh well with your already established sense of style. Therefore, don’t be afraid of reaching for a trendy plaid blazer, a polka dot dress or a pastel power suit. As long as you can incorporate these items and make them collaborate with the ones you already own, there is no reason not to bring a little trendiness into the game. 

    closet uncluttering guide fashion tips blogger

    In addition to this, we highly recommend that you save up and invest in both great footwear and a classic timeless iconic designer bag. It’s better to own one great one and make a personal statement everywhere you go than to have ten cheap and disposable ones. It’s not just a matter of style, it’s a matter of being environmentally conscientious as well. The landfills are already overflowing, so stay stylish and minimize your input in the pollution of Mother Nature.

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