What Dancing In My Bathrobe Has Taught Me

What Dancing In My Bathrobe Has Taught Me

    For a long time, I have been curious and used to ask myself, “what’s the point of a bathrobe?”. That was before I found the ideal one that now acts as my remedy. The pandemic has influenced my dressing sense and made me realize that, at times, I need that luxurious feeling and bathrobes will always fill the choice.

    While it may be true they were designed to make relaxation easy and comfortable, I often find myself dancing in my bathrobe in all innocence. Not because I take long to get ready but because I crave a sense of total peace.

    I came to terms that I don’t need a calendar to reflect about my intentions for the year, as I’m constantly learning life’s lessons while – lounging and dancing in my bathrobe graciously.

    Here’s What Dancing In My Bathrobe Has Taught Me About Myself And Life:

    My body is a temple

    Every time that I tie the belt of the bathrobe around my waist, I’m reminded of 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that says:

    “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price.
    Therefore honor God with your bodies”.

    This encourage me to accept and love my body the way it is. You won’t believe how much time I wasted in the past picking out things I hated about my figure. Today, I’m pursuing a life of self-love where I want to have a positive relationship with my body.

    Some days I struggle a lot but my bathrobe is here to nudge me that I deserve to be loved and accepted in this exact body. My stretch marks are what makes me beautiful and authentic. I no longer entertain people that tell me otherwise.

    If all bodies are worthy of reverence, then mine is of no exception.

    Living in the now

    I generally have a countdown round the clock waiting for the weekend, for summer, for netflix to release a new episode. I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of being a daydreamer, but it hinders my ability to live fully in the present.

    Dancing in my bathrobe has helped me to slow down a bit by focusing on what I’m doing. I don’t feel the urge to let my mind wanders for atleast, a minute or two.

    I am mindful of what is happening around me swaying my hips to the reverbed songs of TikTok. My full attention is directed to the dance moves, instead of me thinking about the mistakes I committed in the past.

    It also let me contemplate my surroundings which makes it easier to live in the now and quit having irrational thoughts about the future.

    It’s okay to be happy even if things aren’t perfect

    My life doesn’t always look exactly like I want it to be. Yet, there is always one reason to be happy even if Lady Gaga had a hundred million reasons for herself to walk away.

    I was conditioned to strive for perfection because hey I work in a glamorous hospitality field, but nothing is ever perfect. Bad things happen, and just because they happen does not mean I’m entitled to go though all the stages of grief.

    Dancing in my bathrobe has taught me to look beyond the situation and to not put my happiness on hold. I can be who I want to be right now, with what I have. Period.

    “Me time” isn’t selfish but free therapy

    The idea of taking off time for myself was something unheard of at some point in my life. Not that I was guilty of doing so, but because hospitality jobs are fast-paced by nature and involved working longer hours.

    The only “me time” I was having were on my off days which flew by in doing laundry and my nails. Being an outfit choice that I go for after every shower, my bathrobe has allowed me to carve more me time, seven days a week.

    Even if it is just a 10-minute dance in a terry cloth before getting dressed, it gives me a much-needed break to recharge my batteries before my next social interaction. And no, I’m not an introvert in case you are wondering, haha.

    Plus, dancing in my bathrobe is a way I show myself love and compassion. It reminds me that I don’t always need company or other people to add meaning to my existence.

    Confidence looks good on me

    Who run the world? Girls…who run the world? Girls… These are the lyrics you’ll find me screaming at the top of my lungs after putting on my Rose satin robe and bombshell body mist.

    Building self confidence is a practice that I have developed while dancing in front of a mirror, wearing a bathrobe with sheet masks on. It is often said to find your real competitor is to just look in the mirror and I couldn’t agree more.

    Sure thing, it is a first class experience to offer oneself but it doesn’t stop here. Through the mirror, I come face-to-face with myself. It is me facing my demons and admiring my true self after hitting bottom line.

    Dancing in my bathrobe is an approach I use to celebrate my failures and achievements which is why I firmly believe confidence looks good on me. Thank you dear bathrobe.

    Appreciate the small things in life

    This very morning, I sat in my living room and genuinely relished my iced mocha with a dozen of hazelnut macarons. I was thinking to myself, how am I already 26th this year? Where has the time gone? Suddenly, I feel extremely old.

    My younger self would probably hate to admit the fact that she was naive a few years back. She had an insatiable desire to achieve more big milestones while overlooking the little things in life.

    Today, lounging in my bathrobe has taught me to show appreciation for life and the importance of having a gratitude mantra. I value the law of attraction a lot, so it is imperative to align myself with the universe.

    Because time waits for no one, I choose to appreciate the beauty in everyday moments – like the fragrance of my bathrobe, a rainy evening, the smell of new books and so on.

    • Inês A Inês A :

      I loved this post so much   The way you developed such a beautiful reflection about self-love and mindfulness from the simple act of dancing in a bathrobe, so clever! 

      8 months ago 
    • Maria T Maria T :

      So glad you liked it! I absolutely enjoy spending time in my bathrobe  Thank you for reading lovely <3

      8 months ago 
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