5 Reasons I Love Brooches

    Indeed, brooches have been historically worn by men and women alike in Roman, Greek, Viking and Celtic societies. But post 19th century brooches became more and more ornate, and became widely recognized as beautiful embellishments for women’s hats, dresses, jackets and even gloves. (Which doesn’t mean that guys can’t borrow them too- just saying!) 

    Some women consider brooches to be a bit old fashioned. But for lovers of vintage, demure or granny chic style, they are golden! A pin can help you express your romantic, dreamy, whimsical side. Or they can be playful, elegant, and even regal looking. They can be an amazing looking “olden days” piece in contrast to your modern day outfit.

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    • Una  O Una O : I am a big fan of brooches as well! Some women do think they are a bit old fashioned, but I actually love them because of the vintage touch they give to my outifts! Loving the article, Una xx
      2 years ago 
    • Silvia C Silvia C : Thanks, Una! Could not agree more- this is one aspect where I may not be "on trend", but I'll never stop loving brooches :)
      2 years ago 
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