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    Pandemic or not the summer has to come. And together with the three hottest months of the year, the season of romantic vacations, new adventures and fancy resorts will arrive as well. Of course, most of us aren't going far away from our homelands, and in some way, it is even far better. This summer we have an opportunity to explore your own country and gain new knowledge about its past and present. That doesn't mean you have to ignore the latest trends in makeup, fashion, and accessories, because they make our lives just a bit more interesting, aren't they? To send all of the blue feelings, connected with the world pandemic, flying far away, I and Baginning - the online retailer of the trendiest women's bags and purses decided to walk you through the most exciting bag trends, which are going to dominate the summer 2020 fashion. Which one of these gems do you adore the most?

    Nothing To Hide

    You can either love jelly bags, or fiercely hate them, but you cannot deny the fashion impact of this frisky trend on our minds. Of course, it is not the easiest bad trend, but it allows you to take your summer look to a whole new level. Just imagine that you can not only style your outfit, but pick up every single item in your bag by color, shape, and even meaning. With a clear bag you'll be finally able to demonstrate your taste in perfume, makeup, skin care, and even state your civil position ‒  no one has yet canceled the masks and medical gloves. So, are you ready to put your life on the display?

    Raffia Texture

    Another trendy material for summer bags and purses is raffia. Raffia is made of palm leaves, therefore it is highly loved by eco-friendly fashionistas and designers who love experimenting with ethnic fashion. And I totally understand why this material returns every summer on the top of the trends. Doesn't raffia just scream summer? It could be a huge beach-bag completely made from raffia, or a small and stylish handbag featuring small raffia inserts.I'm just waiting for them to start producing swimwear from palm leaves, because I'll be the first to buy it. And for now, let's appreciate the beauty and texture of this gift from Mother Nature. 

    Bucket Or Bag?

    If there is a versatile bag style, that is both stylish, convenient and, what is most important for vacation, roomy, is the good old bucket bag. They come in various styles and shapes, made of different materials, but it is hard to argue with the fact that a bucket bag is an everlasting fashion classic. Designed by famous Gaston-Louis Vuitton back in 1932, bucket bags are a definite must have for every fashionista. You can pick a simple canvas bucket bag for all traveling needs and a smaller version made of more sophisticated material for fancier summer occasions.

    Tiny Cuteness

    The next trend has been dominating the runways shows throughout the whole 2019 and, luckily for all of us, it was returned by Versace, Dolce Gabanna, Fendi, and other houses into the game. If you weren't able to acknowledge the tiny delight of this bag trend last year, then might get yet another chance to fall in love with the micro bag trend. It could be a miniature of well-known, adored by everyone bag from the past, or a total new approach to the bag aesthetic, either way, feel free to express your fashion sense through this cute accessory. You might even want to combine two bag trends in one and go for a see-through tiny bag, What do you think of this idea?

    Over The Rainbow

    And, lastly, for the dessert, I would like to say a few words about the sweetest rainbow bag trend. Sometimes all we need to dilute our gray routine is a pinch of color, or a handful of all seven colors! If you aren't sure how to combine bright shades in one outfit, trendy rainbow handbags will make this task much easier for you. Go for a full-colored rainbow bag, pastel, or even holographic (holo consists of rainbows) bag and stay trendy no matter what. What do you think of this trend, lovelies, do you like bright rainbow colors in your closet?

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