A Special August 2020 Lookbook

    It's august... again, but this time things are different. I filmed this video on a hot summer day, but it was cloudy outside and I had an iced coffee. I had my carefully curated Lofi playlist going and the tree leaves rustled outside among the gray clouds. 




    This video is largely inspired by Lofi music + rainy summer days. This video originally was supposed to be a "back to school outfits video" (hence the montage of outfits and annoying poses), but I decided to turn it into a more reflective piece on the feelings that this time of year— August and back to school— brings throughout the years. These days I hope to make more videos that capture some of the feelings and vibes that I've experienced. I sincerely hope you enjoy and subscribe for more videos! Visit my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRr0_n_1OGYAxvzDkC2sow

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