Cross My Heart

    I would be lying if I said I got no joy from dressing up in the theme of everyone's favorite Hallmark holiday: Valentine's day. In honor of the 14th, I thought I'd continue my Vinyl Vibes series from a couple years ago in which I create a look based on records that I love. For this installment, I once again took inspiration from a record by the modern-day goddess of psych rock, Melody Prochet. Her Latest album titled "Bon Voyage" under her main project, Melody's Echo Chamber, came out last summer. It was a record I eagerly anticipated from the minute I heard its first single, "Cross My Hear" about a year prior to the release date. The track was dramatically different from the material on her first but in all the right ways. Effortlessly, the song transitions between '60s psychedelia and '90s funk using colorful instrumentation in a cleaner, less hazy yet unique production style. It stood out as one of the most refreshing tracks I heard in what felt like ages. Clocking in at 33 minutes, this record is a brief but potent musical journey that's mesmerizing and complimented by beautiful album artwork by Silly Jane. To match the bright white and fuchsia found of the cover, I paired this retro pink blouse that an office secretary in the '60s with some white go-go inspired boots. I also added some shades of black in the form accessories and flare cropped pants to embody some of the darker lyrical themes of the record. Due to the fact I almost feel naked if I leave the apartment without a hat, I had to add one for this ensemble so I predictably chose this simple beret to homage to Melody's French roots. 

    Despite this record not being particularly romantic with its lyrics emoting heartache, I still believe there's a beauty to it that makes it suitable for this time of year. Like the songs' compositions and instruments, love can feel light and airy on the surface. However, there are many facets of love. It can be effortless at times and a struggle during others. There are moments when love feels like a passive force that just happens to you and moments when it's an active choice you have to make. Sometimes love heals and sometimes it hurts. Records like "Bon Voyage" remind me of the darkness love can bring and encourage me to not fear it but find beauty in it instead.

    See photos of this look here: http://lexinfleurs.blogspot.com/2019/02/cross-my-heart.html

    • Una  O Una O : Loving the outfit! And the third photo as well! Thanks for the inspiration x
      6 months ago 

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