French Bordeaux : How to style slip dress

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French Bordeaux : How to style slip dress
      French Bordeaux : How to style slip dress

      Whenever there is a winter sale, I am just lurking around stores to either get my favourite one that I have my eyes on or to find some really extraordinary pieces. This one was just hanging in the crowd in my size and caught my attention. This might seem inaccessible for everyday wear. Always remember designers are making your life easier every day. Additionally, You don't have to always get inspired by designers only but also with the people walking around you. Keep looking and shopping from other's wardrobe. I always take a mental picture of how would I wear a particular piece of clothing I just saw. 


      Heart-Shaped Earrings - Liars & Lovers (here)
      Dress - Zara (similar here)
      White Shirt - H&M (here)

      To see more: https://www.confessionofmusings.com/2020/02/french-bordeaux.html 

      Let me know in the comments, how did you find the look

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