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    As long as I can remember myself, I have always loved makeup. One of my earliest makeup memories dates back to the kindergarten: I loved observing how pre-school teachers touched up their makeup and hair while preparing to leave the shift. Another strong makeup memory I have is, of course, about my beloved mother. Oh, how neatly lined her beautiful eyes and brushed through her fluffy lashes with vivid blue mascara. 

    The whole process of applying makeup seems so appealing, almost hypnotizing to me. So, naturally, when I grew a bit older, I simply had to try making up my own face. Ruby rose and the iconic 12 eyeshadow palette, sneakily snatched off my mom's vanity, was the very first makeup thing I ever tried...and I loved it! Later in the life, my makeup look has undergone many changes: the awkward high-school phase, when I haven't imagined my daily routine without black eye kohl; the university phase, when I literally felt shy in public, without makeup (yet it looked horrific); the Youtube phase, when I have finally started to learn makeup essentials and became addicted to makeup gurus (shot out to Jarmaine and Leesha).

    Throughout my blogging life, I have used various makeup products and different makeup techniques for my looks. Makeup trends were changing, yet there was always something that always engaged me more than wearable eye and lip looks. So, after a decade of experiments, here I stand, hooked on editorial makeup look, absolutely not fit to be worn in real life, but so seductively alluring. So, today, I want to present you this compilation of totally useless on the one hand, however dearly loved makeup looks.  

    Most of these lip and eye makeup looks were taken with my old camera and posted on my Instagram account, so I thought that my readers will also be interested to take a look at some of my creations. Most of the looks are going to appear on January Girl for the very first time, so don't be too harsh on me, lovelies. If you are interested in detail step by step makeup tutorial, please, fill free to request it in a comment section. I will be happy to guide you through the whole process. 

    This is one of my favorite looks, inspired by the darkness of the bet wing. The crucial step for every black, smoked makeup look - tightlining the upper and lower waterline with waterproof eye kohl. 

    Glossed pink and baby blue eyeshadow look, that reminds me of a sugary lollipop. To make my eye lids appear shiny, I used a thick clear lip gloss. The look didn't last long, but I had a lot of fun! 

    I can't have enough of this sweet Valentine's Day appropriate lip look. I guess, on the next 14th February I will try to recreate the look, because it is easy to do and requires only two makeup products - lip liner and lipstick. 

    Clowns also have feelings, and they cry when they feel sad. If Harley Quinn loved playing with makeup just as much, as she loves playing with the baseball bat, she would definitely incorporate some glitter in her makeup look. 

    This look features my favorite bushy eyebrows, graphic elements and classic combination of yellow and blue colors. I don't know why, but this look gives me the samurai mask vibes. 

    I know, this lip makeup looks super weird, but I really love how it turned out. I used a ton of greasepaint and a ton of time to blend everything beautifully. I called this look dark Nebula - an interstellar dust cloud, sitting on my lips. 

    Hexagon glitter, rouge pink eyeshadow and blue contact lenses - this makeup look radiates '80s disco energy. I can't say this is my favorite look, yet the bold cat eyeliner looks fantastic! 

    And another '80s inspired look in my gallery. For some reason, the combination of rouge pink and washed blue strongly reminds me Speedo swimwear, but I don't really mind.  

    Cyber goth lips anyone? I reached for a neon-like appeal of the white lip liner and cold combination of violet and blue shades. Really love how it turned out - edgy and nontraditional. 

    Every makeup lover must remember the infamous Instagram trend - the eyebrow carving obsession. Well, here is my interpretation of the eyebrow carving look. Noting special, just some liquid eyeliner and pink eyeshadow.

    I was always interested in military fashion, so I tried to camouflage my eyelids with some green, brown, white greasepaint and tiny pencil brush. 

    Another classic color combination - black and white. For this look I needed a super sharp eye pencils, some concealer and a lot of patience. It was really hard to make this graphic lip look appear neat, but I managed. 

    As you can already say, I adore greasepaint, splashes and strokes. This look is a freehand and freebrush improvisation from the very start. The color palette looks absolutely beautiful and reminds me of impressionism. 

    And, last for today, the forest fairy makeup look, decorated with freshly picked green leaves and completed with bold cate eyeliner. Would you wear this makeup look?

    And what about you, lovelies, do you like playing around with  makeup products and brushes or you prefer to admire editorial makeup looks on your Instagram feed? Please, let me know what look you liked the most, I will be waiting impatiently your comments. Talk to you very soon!
    Lots of love,

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