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    Despite the worldwide lockdown, we all faced at the beginning of the year, we might be able to get some rest during the Indian summer period, when nature favors us with the last drops of warmth. Indian summer (also known as Velvet season) is a weather phenomenon sometimes happening in the middle of autumn. It is usually characterized by unseasonably dry and warm weather conditions during the last weeks of September and the beginning of November.

    Basically, it is the final opportunity of a year, when we can enjoy the soft warmth of the fading sunlight. We are going to take a look at the most appealing Indian summer fashion trends, you'll definitely enjoy wearing. From head-to-toe denim outfits and cute mini dresses to the '80s inspired high-cut swimsuit and printed rompers. Which one of these Indian summer trends you'll want to try first?

    Cute Mini Dress

    You can't go wrong with a cute mini dress any time of a year. Mini dresses are extra feminine, they are flirty and very comfortable to wear. Pair your dress with another trend of this summer ‒ fun print or puffy sleeves ‒ you'll double the fashionable impact. And for the romantic Rendez-Vous on a beach, wear your mini dress with chunky boots and layer over an oversized cardigan or knitted sweater.

    Denim Dreams

    Denim is another trend you'll be able to embrace at the end of the summer. Oversized, bleached, or distressed, denim is going to take all forms and shapes, so you can choose your favorite hypostasis of them all. But the major fashion impact you'll make wearing a head-to-toe denim outfit. Another few points into your fashion karma you'll get for wearing recycled and reworked pieces.
    White Perfection

    Nothing can brighten-up a gray autumn day as a white outfit. This color is always associated with purity and perfection. Whether it is a total white look or it only has a few white pieces involved, you'll be able to look both classy and delicate. Plus, there is nothing more complimentary than the color white to a freshly tanned skin.

    High-Waisted Bikini

    Goodbye '90s with their thin spaghetti straps and welcome back '80s with the high-waisted bikini bottoms. Unlike strappy bikinis, high-waisted models provide exemplary support, beautifully emphasizing the waistline and curves. It is both comfy, fashionable, and hides any unnecessary volume in the tummy area. A win-win ensemble! 

    Mini Rompers

    Aren't a fan of mini dresses? It seems just too revealing for you? No problem, you can easily substitute any baby-doll dress with its second reincarnation ‒ mini romper. Rompers are just as comfortable and easy to style as mini dresses, but, at the same time, they are more convenient in everyday life. Wear it with high heels and layer with cardigan and vests.

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