Ombre Pink hair transformation | J&J Hair Identity Salon Review

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Ombre Pink hair transformation | J&J Hair Identity Salon Review

    J&J Hair Identity Salon Review by IreviewUread

    Finally, the time have come where I am able to turn my boring old dark brown hair to a striking bright ombre pink. Thus, in this review, I will be showing you my transformation where I turn from Plain Jane to Harley Quinn. Or should I say, half of Harley quinn.

    Every since I found out that my hair is thinning, I was very into organic hair care. To be able to find an Organic hair salon that can do my hair without harming it was gold! J&J Hair Identity Salon is this gold mine.

    J & J Hair Identity Salon is located at Katong, Singapore. It have a beautiful open and modern interior. I like how there were no walls to block the air between the exterior and interior. It's amazing. Additionally, the gates used to part the insides from the outsides were filled and decorated with organic products.

    Natulique products are a professional grade eco product that is organic and vegan. Who knew organic hair dye and hair bleach were even available. I like how the hair dye smelled so fruity and even berry like. This is so unusual for hair dyes!

    Presenting the 2 professionals that went through an uphill battle to get my hair where it is now. Their hospitality was amazing. I felt at home.

    After almost 6 hours, this is the final product. Ain't it tumblr worthy?

    After the 1st wash, the colour did kind of fade off but the pink still look quite vibrant.

    After the 2nd wash, the fade is rather even, making my hair look rather natural.

    All in all, I had a great experience at J & J Hair Identity Salon. Read my full detailed review of the salon and their products on IreviewUread - http://ireviewuread.com/post/167947650768/jj-hair-identity-review

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