Online Shopping Haul: 7 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Get you Started - Ethical Clothes for Women

Product details: Sustainable Fashion for Women

Online Shopping Haul: 7 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Get you Started - Ethical Clothes for Women

    Hey Fashion Potluck Community! Today we are talking about sustainability in the fashion world, and we're going to be taking a look at 7 TOP BRANDS for ethically made products—including clothing, home decor, sleepwear, shoes, accessories and more! A move towards sustainability in the fashion world can make a big impact on environment in the upcoming years, and keep in mind that you can also contribute to the solution by shopping mindfully and buying anything that will go to waste! Hope you guys enjoy this video and discovered something you like! 

    1. PACT: Pact brands itself as the leading brand in sustainable and ethical fashion. Their brand motto is “Sustainable Fashion for All” and they really do provide sustainable versions of all the clothing basics out there. From what I’ve seen, this site contains some of the most affordable organically sourced items out there. From sleep sets to undergarments, athleisure, daily apparel and even bed and bath, PACT is a really great place to start. 

    2. MADE TRADE: Made Trade brands itself as ethically made and exceptionally designed. This site has so many things beyond just clothes though. They also sell ceramics, bedding, furniture , home decor and blankets all made  ethically. As for clothes, they sell all sorts of things, from leggings, accessories, tops, shoes, sleepwear and more. As for pricing, they have an option for $150 dollars or less that contains a lot of products. It’s not too cheap I know, but each option follows on or more of these values:  Sustainable, Fair Trade, Heritage, USA Made & Vegan, or all. 

    1. KOTN: KOTN has a mission statement of improving the quality of life for their global community. They emphasize traceability, or knowing the exact origins of the product to ensure it was made ethically from start to finish. They have a ton of cute and basic clothes made from soft and breathable egyptian cotton (they work with cotton farmer families directly) for men and women and often will have large sales and discounts.

    2. Revolve: Revolve is another super popular and trendy brand these days that also sells lines of sustainable, trendy, artisan clothing from 9 SEED, A Peace Treaty, Adidas by Stella Mcartney, all things mochi, and over 20 more brands including Aijek, Backstage, Bailey 44, Citizens of Humanity, Eleven Six, Faithfull, GRLFRND, Kini, LA Made

    3. Alo: Alo is a popular clothing brand specializing in athleisure that I’ve known for a long time but I just recently found out that their clothes are 100% sweatshop free and eco aware. King of like lululemon, they are a super popular brand for leggings and emphasize a clean environment and clean practices. 

    4. Patagonia: Patagonia is also another really popular outdoor clothing brand and has been advocating for ethical fashion and environmental protection since its earliest days, being one of the first brands to use recycled materials and switch to organic cotton. They also tax their company 1% and donate the money to environmental nonprofits. This brand is great for selling warm clothes to get you through the winter and clothes to wear for trips outdoors. 

    5. Thought Clothing: Based in the UK, Thought Clothing is relatively affordable and sells ethically sourced apparel and accessories for both men and women.They are an all-natural clothing company with a goal of designing beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment. They drop discounts often and maintain a blog that you can check out! 


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