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    tarte cosmetics blogger review liz breygel buy online swatches

    tarte cosmetics blogger review liz breygel buy online swatches

    tarte cosmetics blogger review liz breygel buy online swatches

    tarte cosmetics blogger review liz breygel buy online swatches

    Hi everyone, few days ago I've received a lovely present by one of my favorite beauty platforms Glam Express. Last month I've become a Spotlight Member of the month on the website and won the Tarte Energy Lip Duo .There are two products in the Tarte Energy Lip Duo set - Deluxe Skintuitive Cheek Stain in Energy (0.17 oz) and Deluxe Lip Surgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss in Energy (0.05 oz). Both products have a lovely girly design and thanks to their miniature packaging they are travel friendly and they have a special place in my bag now.

    Deluxe Skintuitive Cheek Stain in `Energy`

    I`ve never had a cheek stain before, even thought I have a dry skin on my cheeks and creamy textures are perfect for skin like mine, I`ve never considered to purchase one. Tarte Energy Cheek Stain comes in a shape of a stick that looks like an oversized lip balm, it is very comfortable to apply the stain directly from the packaging, or with a help of fingers. The cheek stain looks almost transparent, but when applied on the skin it leaves a very dewy pinkish finish, that looks amazingly natural. I have a pale complexion and it is very simple for me to overplay with the intensity of my blush, but with the Tarte Energy Stain I`m not afraid to look like a clown. The shade called `Energy` is more on a cold side, so it will look awesome on the girls with cold skin undertone and dark hair.

    The formula is flattering, more than I ever wanted from a simple blusher, it applies smoothly like a charm , leaving the skin moisturized, tinted and fresh looking. The colour intensity is buildable, but I like it more when it`s sheer, than strong. And one of my favourite parts - it has a light minty scent, but don`t worry it is not overwhelming, you won`t notice the fragrance on the skin. If applied on a foundation or a primer, the shade will last almost the whole day. I do not set the cheek stain with a powder, but if your skin is oily, or tends to get oily when the weather outside is hot, you can set the blusher with a small amount of translucent powder, it won`t affect the intensity of this lovely shade.

    Deluxe Lip Surgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss in `Energy` 

    I fell in love with this product right after I opened it for the first time. Probably it was it`s sweet scent of a confectionery or the terrific glossy finish, that I can only compare to Mac Clear Lipglass, it is hard to tell now. But I was definitely impressed with the Skintuitive Lip Gloss by Tarte. Brand claims that skintuitive formula responds to your skin’s natural PH and energy giving you a personalized tint that is truly your own unique shade of pink. Thanks to this magic ability the shade complements every skin tone and will fit anyone. On my lips `Energy` has a sheer pinkish shade,it looks almost transparent, but it is pretty close to the shade of the cheek stain. 

    Tarte formulated the Lip Surgence to moisturize and care about the gentle lips` skin, they powered the formula with Vitamin E, that have a preservative abilities, jojoba seed oil to make the lips soft and smooth and a flower extract for a healthy skin.

    To wind up my review, I would like to mention that both of the products are simply amazing, they have a great caring ingredients and were formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Tarte did an amazing job developing these gems and I want to recommend them for all of you and to thank once again to Glam Express for letting me try out these products. See you all very soon :*

    Lots of love,

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