15 Ultimate Solo Hiking Tips For Women

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    Thinking about going for a hike but have no one to go with you? Don’t let not having a hiking buddy stop you as you might be waiting days and weeks for that to happen… Take it from me, waiting for someone to be available is way worse than not hopping on a trail for some solo hiking and loving it!

    These hiking tips are good for anyone but especially for any women out there that craves adventure and has a passion for the outdoors. If you aren’t prepared and just wing it, then yes hiking alone can be intimidating and a bit scary.

    Whether you are hiking local or traveling to a destination, going it alone in nature can be one of the most exhilarating activities you can do for yourself. Hiking is an excellent workout for both your body and mind that is truly a full-body workout. Keep these tips handy and happy trails! 

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