Morocco, a drive-thru mirage


    Atlas Mountains

    Eight of us from around the world met in Marrakesh and rented two cars to explore the country on wheels over 14 days. 

    As we headed into the Atlas Mountain range and the countryside, beautiful vistas and ancient towns started unfolding right before our eyes.

    This mountain range took millions of years to form its current height, cliffs, and basins. Taking in the water from the basins' river system, palm trees strive and stand tall to adore the views of the rugged terrains.

    Since pre-historical times, Berbers have formed settlements and villages scattered across the mountain. Their land, language, culture still remain as theirs today. 

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    • Miko D Miko D :

      These photos are beautiful! I feel like I was taken into a movie scene. Thanks for sharing!

      1 week ago 
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