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    My blog is almost seven years old and I have never experimented with Halloween-themed nails? Ah no, lovelies, I have to fix this awful injustice with a creepy blood-stained nail tutorial for one of the best fall holidays eve! This manicure is super easy and quick to create, even the newbie nail junkie can easily achieve it, following these easy steps. Just make sure you have the right shade of bloody red and a nice, glossy (or matte) top coat to make this nail look last as long as possible. Ready to stain your nails?

    Last year's Halloween makeup look was inspired by the romantic vampire's theme, which I completed with bloody tears and two vampire neck bite spf makeup look. Apart from my eye enlarging Gothic Lolita makeup look, the blood-stained nails perfectly fit the whole Halloween thematic, so I hope you'll find a time and wish to re-create this quick and pretty simple tutorial. All you have to have in your nail arsenal is two, very basic nail polishes which I have mentioned above) and a little bit of patience. I promise, it will take at maximum 10 minutes to finish this Halloween nail look.

    Start with the prepared, manicure free nails and cover them with a smooth nail polish. The nail polish primer will ensure a smooth, defect-free surface and long-lasting Halloween manicure. After, cover the top half or the very tips of your nail with a thin layer of bloody red nail polish, I used a regular kitchen sponge to complete this step, but you can use a special manicure sponge to cover your nails in these 'blood' stains.

    The best thing about this nail look is that you don't have to be neat and precise. The messier your nails, the more realistic they will turn out to look. Later, use an acetone-dipped synthetic brush to clean the red nail polish off the cuticles.

    The next and the most important step is a glossy (or matte), no smudge top coat. Lightly cover your bloody nails with your favorite clear top and let them dry for at least 10 minutes. Top coat will smooth out any imperfections, making your bloody gradient looking more polished. If desired, you can add Gothic design on the ring and thumb finger nails, for a more exclusive Halloween manicure. 

    And voilà, my lovelies, the bloody nails are done. What do you think about this manicure, would you dare to wear it on Halloween? I really hope this nail tutorial was somehow useful to you and I wish you all Creepy Halloween! Please, let me know in the comments if you are going to celebrate it with your friends and what costume you are going to wear. I will talk to you in my next blog posts.  

    Lots of love,
    Bloody Liz

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