GRWM | Wedding Guest Makeup Tutorial

Product details: Stila 10 in 1 Beauty Balm, PUR Blush Palette, NYX Wonder Stick, Champagne Pop, Tarte

GRWM | Wedding Guest Makeup Tutorial

    This is the easiest wedding guest makeup ever, seriously! Wedding season is finally upon us and if your season is anything like mine was last year, then you're booked almost every weekend. I love going to weddings and celebrating the love of my friends and family but it can get a little hectic and with all the money spent on wedding gifts, getting your makeup done every single time isn't always feasible. When I go to weddings, I usually go with a simple makeup look - especially if i'm going to both the ceremony and the reception. A heavy makeup look tends to melt off and look a little drab halfway through the day (at least it does on me) so I'm showing you guys how to do a natural, glowing look for any wedding guest that is subtle enough to wear all day and will last on the dance floor all night!



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