About Us

What is Fashion Potluck?

Fashion Potluck is a brand new digital platform designed for content sharing between women, cataloging fashion, reviews, travel, recipes, makeup tutorials, life hacks and everything in between! It is completely free to join and simple to contribute. It’s an interactive universe there for you to inspire and be inspired!

Our Story

This female-focused platform came from the desire to have a nurturing place on the Internet to freely express ourselves. Simple really! We knew there were others out there who must share our passion for creating, sharing and inspiring others, not to mention our love for fashion.We set out to create a down to earth community, where every member helps build and inspire and where all content uploaded grows the platform. Pretty neat! Unlike some other bigger content sharing platforms, where it’s tough to get a following and a battle to be heard, Fashion Potluck makes sure your voice, your content, and your ideas get center stage. We are really, really proud of it.

Our Mission

What’s most important to us is you: our content creators, our lifestyle bloggers, our fashion forward reviewers, our international wanderlusters. Fashion Potluck is a free, inclusive platform for content creators to contribute to a likeminded community. Fashion Potluck’s here to empower you. We like to promote our content creators on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, because we love what you do. Our mantra is all about positive vibes and adding value. We don’t ask for money if we promote you. It’s all in the spirit of creating a great Fashion Potluck community. We’re a self-funded startup living out our dreams.What are you waiting for? Sign up, get creating, inspire and be inspired! FashionPotluck.comSingel, 542; 1017 AZ
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

For commercial inquiries, contact us at: business@fashionpotluck.com
For feedback: inspire@fashionpotluck.com