Fashion Potluck’s Privacy Policy as Fashion Potluck are properties of Level Plane Media B.V., a company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The following text is meant to communicate Fashion Potluck’s privacy policy as it regards to what is done with the information registered by the user involved in the creation of an account, the participation within the Fashion Potluck’s social media platform, as well as the information created by the actual creation of content, sharing of external content, participating in other user’s content by way of comments or the use of the tools currently available or new ones that might be added to the platform.

The topics that will be covered herewith are:
  • Nature of service
  • Ownership of content
  • Storage of information
  • Usage of information
  • Sharing of information
  • Ownership of Content
  • Changes and acceptance of policy

Nature of Fashion Potluck’s service:

Fashion Potluck is an open social media platform that enables users to create and share content free of charge. There is no ownership of content, partially nor totally, of any content that is posted or shared by registered users. Fashion Potluck makes no claims to the nature and/or quality of the content posted within its pages by users.
Fashion Potluck does not condone nor endorse any content which might be deemed offensive to any culture, race, religious belief, or sexual orientation.

Fashion Potluck makes its best effort to monitor activity within its platform to ensure there is no bullying nor offensive content being uploaded.

Ownership of the content:

Fashion Potluck makes no claim of ownership to any of the material posted within Fashion Potluck’s platform. All of the material posted in terms of images, video, and sound files are property of the registered user responsible for the uploading and posting and/or publishing it within Fashion Potluck’s site.
There is no control by Fashion Potluck of the material posted or uploaded within The content is curated/edited by the registered users allowing for full freedom of expression.

List of information we collect via the platform:

Written content you create in order for it to bepublished and presented to users across the world.

·       Image files, video files, and text files youupload to our platform in order for it to be published and presented to usersacross the world.
·       Profile information filled out by you the userat the time of creating a user profile.
·       Transaction operations as per anything that getspurchased in our platform in order to make sure payments were made forsubscription and for products and/or services sold in our marketplace. 

List of information we collect via Google Analytics:
·       Time of visit, pages visited, and time spent oneach page of the webpages
·       Referring site details (such as the URI a usercame through to arrive at this site)
·       Type of web browser·       Type of operating system (OS)
·       Flash version, JavaScript support, screenresolution, and screen color processing ability
·       Network location and IP address.

Storage of information:

Fashion Potluck stores registry information as provided by the user when creating a user profile. All of the information filled in, in the registry form is stored and used to understand the users better in terms of preferences and activities, and used to provide a better service.
Aside from storing demographic information, Fashion Potluck also stores the activity of users as it regards to the content created and the content of the interactions carried out between registered users of the platform. This includes original content, content shared, and comments made. These are stored to provide communication services for users and to safeguard against abuse of the medium.

Information regarding the interaction among users by the utilization of the communication tools is also stored in order to provide a better user experience and enable user to refer back to their past interactions.
Additional generic, non-individual statistical information collected for evaluation purposes are: geographical location, operational system used, type of machine used to access the site, time of access, pages navigated, among others.

Usage of information:

All the information collected is used to better understand Fashion Potluck’s users and their needs as well as to enable the operation of the services provided and the tools used for this same purpose. The continual storage of this  information in turn will enable Fashion Potluck to develop new tools and services that can contribute to the execution of our culture statement, that of allowing for democratic expression of fashion and lifestyle for women of all and any region.

Sharing of information:

Fashion Potluck does not and will not share any individual demographic information to third parties. There is no agreement nor will there be any commercial agreement that will imply in the sale or sharing of any individual data about usage to third parties. Third parties, as mentioned in this document refers to other individuals or institutions that are not Fashion Potluck or the registered user. 

Policy on minor or underage individuals:

Fashion Potluck is meant for use by individuals above 17 (seventeen) years of age. If order to safeguard this policy, the entry of a date of birth is necessary in order to create a profile and consequently publish and/or share content. If you, the user, notices a violation of this policy item, by noticing postings/publishing, and use of by an individual under the age of 17 (seventeen) years of age, we kindly ask to contact us, including within your contact the URL (Internet Address) of the user and username of the individual in question. As well, any postings making reference to individuals under the age of 17 (seventeen) years of age, is not condoned, and will be considered a violation of Fashion Potluck’s privacy policy.

Changes and acceptance of policy:

Fashion Potluck reserves the right to change the contents of the policy herewith with the intent of improving it and making it safer and respectful to the user of the platform. By using Fashion Potluck’s services, you agree to our Privacy Policy as stated within this document.

Want to Delete all of your data registered Here is what you do:

1)     Write an email to withthe Subject Title “Delete My Data” and include (a) your registered emailaddress and (b) your username

2)     Wait for three (3) business days for our team tofully delete any data held regarding your account with

We will reply with confirming that all of the data has been officially removed.

Please note that Google cache and other Internet properties that scrape and store content might have made a previous copy of your content. has no claims over Google, other search engines nor any other online properties aside from its own.