Dear ladies,

    The International Women’s Day is approaching. In two weeks’ time we will be cheering with each other on how beautiful and curious our gender is.


    Fashion Potluck is the only place on the internet made for women to express themselves, support each other and be supported. We are proud of the community we built. We love our community and we want to spoil you on this beautiful day.

    We will be giving away 3 prizes for you to feel even more special:

    ○ A big beauty box with a lot of different products to tone your skin for the upcoming spring and add some color to your daily life;

    ○ A relaxing spa treatment of your choice in your city;

    ○ A delicious dinner in a restaurant of the cuisine of your choice in your city.

    What do you have to do to get these prizes:

    ○ Register at FashionPotluck.com (if you haven't done so yet). Our website is very user friendly and free to join?

    ○ Make as many posts as you want! Explore our categories and tools we have for your convenient and efficient use of the platform!

    ○ Wait for the 8th of March, get announced as a winner, and enjoy your prize!

    By joining our contest, you are joining a strong women’s community where you will be listened to, heard, supported, and spoiled!♥

    We can’t wait to welcome you at our platform!

    Ready to make your first post? ;)

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