7 Super Useful Apps for Women - They Will Become Your Virtual Assistant

7 Super Useful Apps for Women - They Will Become Your Virtual Assistant

    Hello Fashion Potluck Community,

    Today we will talk about mobile applications on our smartphones. With mobile applications, we do many things quicker and easier than ever before. We cannot spend a day without using them. As technology increases, so does the limit of what you can do with your smartphone.  

    We all deal with stress or confusion in the rush of everyday life. The mobile apps we have in our smartphones can help to manage daily activities and make things easier. For education, business, home, social life, health or finance some mobile apps can help a lot to save time and be more organized.

    Are you ready to meet 5 apps that will be your assistant and make your daily life easier?

    Remember The Milk

    Available in: iOS | Android

    Remember the Milk is a to-do app for managing your activities. In this app, you can create to-do lists and you will get reminded anywhere. With Remember the Milk, you will not forget any tasks during the day. So no more panicking for your business assignments or being warned by your teachers. The app also allows you to share your lists and give tasks to other people to get things done. You can sync all your devices.

    Imagine your best friend wants to show you her wedding dress on coming Thursday evening, but it is already a busy week for you. A lot of meetings and a presentation are waiting for you on the coming Thursday. Since this meetup is about her wedding, you cannot be late! Let’s plan your day hour by hour on Remember the Milk. So plans will not be delayed and best friends will stay happy!






    Smiling Mind

    Available in: iOS | Android

    The Smiling Mind is a program developed by psychologists and educators. It provides many mindfulness and meditation exercises. With this app, you can meditate or listen to mindfulness practices at home. The only things you need are your phone and a comfortable cushion to sit and relax. It also covers a variety of specialized programs for educators, children, and teens. Thus far 4.16 Million people downloaded the Smiling Mind. So why not download it yourself? 

    When you come home after a long day, you can close the lights, burn a candle and meditate. Don’t worry if you have never meditated before. Smiling Mind also has meditation and mindfulness practices for beginners.




    Why Do We Need Mindfulness and What Are the Benefits?



    Available in: iOS | Android

    On HealthTap, the users can get personalized answers from doctors for any health question within 24 hours. This app makes it possible to reach out and talk to one of their 108,000+ doctors in person by video/voice/text for advice. You can ask your questions via this app. The app also sends timely reminders and helpful guidance for your health, making it also possible to accomplish personal health goals.

    If you don’t have time to go to a doctor during your busy week or if your doctor is fully booked for that day, you can download HealthTap. Asking for any advice about your health is at your fingertips.






    Workout for Women

    Available in: iOS | Android

    The app Workout for Women has short and effective workouts for you. We added “short” to this sentence because we can imagine if your day is already full. Don’t panic if your body is not ready to be trained. It also considers beginners and has beginner-friendly activities. It provides personal trainers to help with voice and video instructions. Newly, they offer yoga workouts too.

    With this app, you don’t need to create time for going to the gym. You can work out in your bedroom, living room or even in the kitchen! Every day, follow some videos with exercises and you will be surprised by the changes.







    Available in: iOS | Android

    The UVIMate app is a sun safety coach designed to deliver skin health and sun protection. Many types of research show that the sun has a big impact on our skin. The important thing here is the dose of sunlight. Regardless of where you live, you can download this global app. UVIMate helps to track UV Index and daily maximum UV in real-time. You can follow the 6-hour UV index forecast. If you always forget to apply sunscreen, no worries! Because the app also contains a sunscreen reminder and sun wise advice.

    We can hear you are saying “I can only use this app in summer.” But no, sun rays do not reach our skin only in hot and sunny days. We always have the effect of the sun on our skin.

    Next time when you lay on the beach under the sun, you can check the sunlight and UV dose. It sounds cool, doesn’t it?





    Available in: iOS | Android

    The app Clue helps women to track period and ovulation times. You can get predictions that are based on the most up-to-date science. It is possible to see tracked data in a monthly chart, which makes it easier to follow. Probably PMS and cramps are the most difficult parts about menstruation for you too. On Clue, you can also check cramps, skin, hair and sleep-related information to learn about your body.

    Imagine you are planning to go on a summer holiday. You are dreaming about the beach and the swimming pool every day. But wait, which dates are the best to choose? Your vacation shouldn’t coincide with your period. You don’t have to worry if your tracked data are already in a monthly chart. You can check and choose the best dates.




    How to Use Clue:



    Available in: iOS

    GoodGuide is a great app to review and compare the ingredients of many products. You can check the meanings of labels and ingredients for personal care products, food or household items. The app has over 75.000 products. Checking the degree of harmfulness of ingredients, asking them to review any product, and discovering products other people like. You can read reviews from other people or write your own.

    Reading the labels of products is becoming more common nowadays. But let’s be honest, many of us don’t know what all the ingredients mean. Sodium Palmate, Stearic Acid or Propyl Gallate. You don’t know what they mean, right? At least, I don’t.

    Maybe you want to buy a shampoo, which has natural, clean and green ingredients. Because of all the options, checking and doing research for all of them seems impossible. So you can just check the product that’s on your mind via this app.





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