Day 19-21 | Trisha Bantigue & Kathy Zhou (Queenly), Nenia Corcoran, Deval Delivala | FP Advent Calendar

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In this article, we feature wonderful women from days 19, 20, and 21 from our #fpadventcalendar.  There are only 3 days left till the end of our Digital Advent Calendar of 2021!  

Day 19 πŸ’– | #fpadventcalendar

Today we are featuring the founders of Queenly.com Trisha Bantigue and Kathy Zhou.πŸ’›

About Queenly.com:

Queenly is the leading marketplace and search engine for the formalwear industry. Whether it’s for prom, quinceanera, or a wedding, we help women of all ages and all sizes find the exact dress they’re looking for.

Founded in 2019, Queenly is the best place to find the exact dress you need for your prom, wedding, or other special occasions.
Coming from minority low-income backgrounds, the founders grew up feeling that the dream of having that "fairytale Cinderella" dress was never truly attainable—a common struggle for most women. Through forging friendships with other women in the pageants they competed in, and working closely with countless formalwear fashion designers, they were able to start Queenly.

Queenly Founder BiosπŸ’–:

Trisha Bantigue, CEO and co-founder
Trisha graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Political Science. She has since worked at Google, Facebook, and most recently Uber, on their Executive Recruiting team focused on Engineering and Product.

She first found inspiration for Queenly from her many years competing in pageants and modeling for fashion designers. Her biggest wish is to have Queenly reflect the progressive, inclusive goals of these respective industries and to provide access and affordability to women everywhere. Trisha is also passionate about diversity and representation in fashion, including size inclusion.

Kathy Zhou, CTO and co-founder
Kathy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a double major in computer and environmental science. Afterwards she was a full-stack software engineer at Pinterest, building end to end products from the ML/data backend to web and mobile front-end applications.

She looks forward to building an engineering team that puts communication and compassion first, towards each other and towards Queenly's diverse community of users.

Day 20 😍 | #fpadventcalendar

On this beautiful Monday, we are featuring wonderful Nenia Corcoran.πŸ‘©πŸΌ‍πŸ’»

Nenia Corcoran is the author of He Loves Me Not, A Picture Worth A Thousand Words and Things I Didn’t Learn In School.

She holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing and a Master of Arts Degree in English Literature from Southern New Hampshire University. She has been a police officer in New Hampshire for nearly a decade and teaches a general safety class for young women.

A survivor of both domestic violence and sexual assault, Nenia’s goal is to empower and educate young women to recognize the signs of toxic relationships to avoid becoming victims of abuse.

She currently lives in New Hampshire with her husband, two wonderful stepchildren and two obnoxious, but loveable chocolate labs.🀎

Present, present:

Our FashionPotluck.com community can use the code ADVENT to receive 20% off any order on Nenia’s website now through New Years: www.NeniaCorcoran.com 

Day 21 πŸŽ„ | #fpadventcalendar

Today we are featuring Deval Delivala, the co-founder of GetSetUp.

Deval Delivala was an initial investor at GetSetUp and also one of the first twenty employees at Uber and was there for eight years. She helped start Uber in international markets. In her most recent role she was heading Supply growth for India and started multiple initiatives such as safety, vehicle financing, and leasing business. She first met GetSetUp Co-Founder and CEO, Neil Dsouza, as co-members of a board of education non-profit. They got to know each other through that program when he shared his idea for GetSetUp with her.

“Over the past few years, I have known Neil to be an exceptionally dedicated and bright entrepreneur. When he explained his idea of helping upskill seniors to me, I was keenly interested. I recognized the need and scope of such a service and was confident that Neil and Lawrence were the right people to do it.”

GetSetUp is the fastest growing social learning and engagement platform for older adults and now has Delivala as Senior Vice President of International Markets and co-founder.πŸ’–

The present of Deval:

All classes of @getsetup.io are going to be free till the end of January. Head to the platform, invite your friends, parents, and grandparents, and enjoy it!β€οΈπŸŽ„

Happy Holidays!πŸ€—

P.S. 3 days left till the end of the calendar!🧑🎁

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