Day 6 | Danielle Hu & The Wanderlover | FP Advent Calendar

Day 6🍬 | #fpadventcalendar

Today we are very happy to feature Danielle Hu from The Wanderlover.🏄🏽‍♀️

Danielle is an online business coach, full-time traveler, and host of The Wanderlover Podcast. Her mission is to enable travel and freedom through entrepreneurship. Since quitting her corporate Finance job, she has worked from the beaches of Hawaii, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Bali, helping her clients grow online and create a life by design.👩🏼‍💻💛

In her video, Danielle is sharing her tips on achieving goals. #welovebabysteps💖

Are you ready for the present no.6?🍬

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Danielle is very inspiring and has very positive, uplifting energy. Do you agree?  And, ba-dumts, 18 more days of our #fpadventcalendar are on the way! Exciting!


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