Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

    Women across the world stand united and empowered today. For it’s our day, International Women’s Day, and we are all unique, powerful and beautiful. Whether you are front center marching for women or empowering others by creating content or fashion that contributes to women’s parity. It all shares good energy. It is all important.

    Fashion Potluck is a digital platform created by women for women. This day symbolizes a strength we all have and should be proud of: The power to be bold. We’d like to shine light on some companies who are blazing trails in both fashion and feminism.

    Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe


    No sweatshops no photoshop

    This British ethical, political and sustainable online fashion brand epitomizes the International Women’s Day theme for 2017 –be bold for change. Born out of governments cutting funding to women’s organizations, 3 23-year old girls set up Birdsong with a promise of not sweatshops and not Photoshop. It utilizes skilled women in the organizations to supply their product line.

    “Our jewellery is mostly made in India, Nepal and Thailand, by women who survived human trafficking or are exiting sex work. We also sell from maker’s groups in Swazilang and Malawi and sell underwear from amazing brand Naja, made ethically by single mums in the U.S.” — Sophie, Co-founder.

    British based, Birdsong also support groups in their home country. Most of their clothes are created by two elderly knitting circles, a group of moms from migrant communities in London who make printed shirts and sweatshirts and they support women’s seamstress project, Heba, by pairing them with designers and offering workshops.

    Sophie offers this advice on empowering women. That it starts with openness to diversity, to free women to make their own culture, not conform to what’s already being offered.


    100% full impact

    Working as an all-round support network for over 400 marginalized women in Uganda and Dallas Texas, Akola’s mission is to create social impact throughout the entire supply chain in their jewellery. From the raw materials they use, to the assembly and distribution of the products and to the vocational training and community infrastructure of the women.

    It is all ethical, the raw materials and the ethos. Women from diverse backgrounds- from subsistence farmers to incarcerated women, to survivors of sex trafficking and HIV/AIDS — are trained to hand roll paper beads. The women work in a community led approach to the business and are empowered with new skills, dependable employment and lasting sustainability.

    The distribution of the jewellery in America provides a second chance to women with criminal records, as a gateway into respected mainstream work.

    There isn’t anything apart of Akola that doesn’t positively impact the women, the environment and their communities.


    Pink pussy hats

    Angela Missoni made waves at the Milan Fashion Week in February with a collection that clashed bright colours and threw contrasting patterns and textures together in a bold display. “it represents the force of this group, of all the women of the world who are strong as a rock.”

    It may have been strong as a rock but the flavour of the evening was knitwear. Rough and fearless knits that asserted women’s creativity.

    Pink Pussy hats! In solidarity with the Women’s marches and indeed the movement for gender equality, Missoni knitted hundreds of pink pussy hats that were donned at the finale of her runway show.

    “That in a time of uncertainty, there is a bond between us that can keep us safe, a bond that unites all those that respect all human rights. Please join me and my family on this catwalk, and let’s show the world that the fashion community is united and fearless.” — Angela Missoni

    Whilst today is the perfect day to stand in solidarity for women empowerment, it shouldn’t stop here. Like the trends that pave for the way for ethical and sustainable fashion, we should continue united to make feminism ever more fashionable.


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