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    Sunshine is our favorite accessory at Fashion Potluck; it bathes everything and everyone in beautiful light and feel-good vibes. What better way to accessorize the sunshine than wearing the perfect pair of sunglasses? We’ve gathered together our style tips and tricks on how to pick your perfect pair.

    First up, how to pick a pair of sunnies that compliment your face shape. Whether you’re face is square, round, oval or heart-shaped, there’s a plethora of styles and frames out there. It’s the perfect season to be bold. We recommend wearing a contrasting frame style to your face shape. Beauty comes in contrasts.

    For example, if you have a round face, try cat-eyed or oversized rectangular frames to compliment your features. Rather than a round pair of sunglasses that will only accentuate the roundness of a face.

    If you have a square face, contrasting frame shapes like circular, cat-eyed or oval frames will compliment and soften your features. Avoid rectangular or square frames, which may over accentuate harsh shapes.

    Second up: armed with knowledge on which frames suit our face shape, let’s take a look at what’s on trend this season.


    Oversized sunglasses are here to stay! None of us, designers included, can seem to get enough of them. They make a statement and complement nearly every face shape!

    Someone once told me, “you could walk down the street wearing nothing but a pair of oversized sunglasses — and still, it would be the glasses that catch their attention”.


    This season space exploration meets the 90’s. Futuristic glasses are all the rage this spring/summer. Explore intergalactic styles of metallics, wires, Matrix-inspired lens’s and glowing bejewelled features.


    Melding plastic colored frames to matching tinted lenses is in for 2017, a sort of hybrid trend between 60’s flower power and 90’s space age. It spells fun for all it’s wearers! We’re imagining bright colored plastic frames, sprinkled with glittered lashes and some flowers in the hair perhaps? Groovy.


    Whether you name it butterfly winged or cat-eyed, the return of upward slanting glasses is set to be popular for this summer. The style circa 1950’s is flattering to most face shapes as well as being retro chic.


    Yes, sepia or tinted sunglasses are functional. But we help but agree with the trend of brightly coloured lenses- surely our fun in the sun will be multiplied when everything we see is a rainbow through sunglasses tinted purple, green, yellow or rose! Colorful lenses are bang on trend and guaranteed to brighten up your day.


    You know, choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses is a science. There are so many variables; face shape and frame style barely scratches the surface. There’s functionality to consider, lens type, price range, lifestyle and personality types. Whilst that is a whole other article in itself, we offer these little tidbits on the matter:

    1. Elegance never goes out of style, so invest in a pair that you’ll wear for years; your wallet and the environment will thank you!

    2. Price is not everything, non-branded or secondhand glasses can be amazing. Especially if you’re prone to loosing them as you dance at a festival or sitting them. Why lease new life to a vintage pair?

    3. Polarised lenses protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, important for long-term eye health, but be weary if you’re sunbathing at the beach with them…panda eyes.


    Ace & Tate

    Amsterdam designed glasses that create stylish quality frames at a fair price. They pride themselves in making future classics with a contemporary twist. Brilliant for both sunglasses and prescription eyewear. All their lenses have anti-reflective coating, anti scratch technology and Ultraviolet (UV) protection.

    Dick Moby

    Their mission is simple: reduce plastic pollution and make darn good sunglasses. Dick Moby is a sustainable company that designs its frames with recycled acetate, even the cleaning cloths are made from recycled PET plastic. Their designs are as stylish as they are sustainable. Keep an eye out for this Dutch company — they’re going to be big.

    Sticks & Sparrow

    Australian based Sticks and Sparrow design handcrafted frames made from sustainable materials — bio plant-based acetate, bamboo and responsibly harvested cork. Their designs are the most stylish eco sunnies from down under.

    Go on, go out and play this summer with your sunglasses on and your pockets filled with sunshine!

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