Your No. 1 Guide to Sustainable Fashion

    According to research, the fashion industry is one of the biggest CO2 emitters, producing 1.2 billion tons of CO2 equivalent every year.  With the fact that global warming is skyrocketing year in year out, it's more than obvious that we need to rethink our fashion choices. Embracing sustainable fashion trends and brands is of the essence for the preservation of our planet. Therefore, we're here to present you with a guide on sustainable fashion that will allow you to dress more consciously.

    A little bit about ethical and sustainable fashion

    Sustainable fashion is all about preventing the exploitation of natural resources, individuals, and communities in order to design and manufacture clothes. As long as a fashion brand is creating quality apparel without harming people, the planet, and animals, it will be considered ethical. Fast fashion, circular fashion, slow fashion, and vegan fashion are some of the main terms that you'll come across in the field of sustainable fashion, and you should know what all of them concern.

    Sustainable Fashion

    Know your fabrics

    One of the first examples that many people think of when it comes to ethical fashion is leather. Killing animals for the sole purpose of producing wardrobe, footwear, and accessories goes against every principle that sustainable fashion believes in. To become more ethically aware, choose fabrics, such as linen, bamboo, hemp, or silk. Organic cotton is the best-known sustainable alternative to synthetic materials. The fact that organic cotton uses no pesticides in its growing process, and it’s grown from non-genetically modified seeds makes it our number one sustainable material. Recycled leather that's a byproduct of the meat industry can be considered a sustainable fashion choice. Tencel is a much better alternative to viscose and rayon.

    Choose eco-friendly brands

    Aside from sustainable materials, you should look for ethical fashion brands. Before you shop from your favorite clothing store, make sure they’re not going against the eco-friendly rules. You can find many top sustainable jewelry brands that repurpose materials into wearable art to create the best-looking accessories without causing harm to animals, workers, or the planet. You’ll see many jewelry makers use gold extraction from unused electronics or recycled materials from electronic waste to make a completely new piece of art.

    Sustainable Fashion

    Shop locally

    Another way to be a part of a sustainable fashion movement is to shop at your local jewelry or clothing store. Shopping from small family businesses reduces the carbon footprint that you'd otherwise leave if you ordered an item from overseas. Don't be discouraged by the prices. Every penny you invest in local produce is worth the seller’s effort. Not to mention nobody was exploited, and the planet suffered less from all the toxic chemicals that are used in clothing manufacturing.

    Follow the 5 Rs of fashion

    Sustainable and ethical fashion is all about second chances. That’s why you’ll be reading and hearing plenty about reusing, reselling, reducing, repairing, and recycling. You'll want to recycle all the old clothes that aren't suitable for donating. Wear your clothes until they're ready to be recycled and turned into a new set. When an item is still in good condition, resell it or find ways to repurpose it. The internet is filled with clothes repurposing DIY projects where you can quickly turn your old pair of jeans into a handbag. Consider second-hand shopping instead of investing in a new item that you won’t use to its full potential. Reduce your spending habits and only shop when you don’t have a suitable clothing item to wear. Rewear a dress that’s only been out one time. If Angelina Jolie and her kids can do it, so can you.  

    Sustainable Fashion

    Final thoughts

    Embracing a sustainable lifestyle should be our imperative. The planet won't be a safe place for life much longer unless we take drastic measures and rethink our choices. Fashion is just one of the essential parts of our life habits that need to be taken seriously. Make sure you shop locally, choose natural materials and ethical fashion brands if you want to contribute to the environment's well-being. 

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