20 Wonderful Things That Get Me Christmas Ready

20 Wonderful Things That Get Me Christmas Ready

    There’s nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit and with the Christmas countdown being officially on I thought I would share with you 20 wonderful things that gets me really excited in the run up to the big day!

    1. Like a moth to a flame I get so attracted to pretty lights, so naturally I love seeing pretty lights in house windows and shopping centres, it gives off a whole cosy feel.
    2. The cold weather gives you a perfect excuse to stay indoors on an evening, snuggling down under a blanket watching comfort TV with snacks!
    3. I love shopping in the lead up to Christmas, the atmosphere is just magical if you totally ignore the stressed expression on everyone’s faces, that is!
    4. Mulled wine, and all of the delicious flavours available!
    5. Nobody seems to care what they look like when dressing in Christmas attire, the sillier the jumper the better you look. And the truth is you don’t look silly in Christmas gear either. You actually look silly if you go out not in Christmas clothing.
    6. Wishing it will snow only seems acceptable in December without complaining of the slush and the dreaded ice that soon follows.
    7. Eating picky party food for tea every night without being judged!
    8. Although you only hear the same eight overplayed Christmas songs every year it’s still amazing hearing them for the first time that year!
    9. Shops stocking Christmas scented goodies such as candles, wax melts and air fresheners!
    10. Candy cane season is finally here and now is the time to snack on the delicious minty sticks for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper!
    11. Christmas movies are on the TV a lot, especially on a weekend, plus Netflix upload a lot of Christmas movies, a lot of them are cheesy but who doesn’t love a good cheesy film?
    12. Baking is always a lot more fun at Christmas with lots of goodies to bake such as cookies and gingerbread houses (they’re all over Instagram aren’t they?) and eating them is even more fun!
    13. Chatting to excitable children who can’t wait for the fat man in the big red suit paying them a visit.
    14. Christmas shopping is such a cute event, showing all of those around you how much you love and appreciate them.
    15. Using the excuse “it’s Christmas” to explain why you’re eating and drinking everything in the house
    16. Decorating the Christmas tree is never seen as a chore, and is instead something that makes you feel about 5 years old again!
    17. Instagram is FULL of inspirational content that makes you secretly compete with who you are following to see who can create the cosiest pictures. A little bit of competition never hurt anybody!
    18. It doesn’t matter how overdressed you are, you never feel as if you’re too over the top. Pile on the glitter!
    19. Writing out Christmas cards and realising how many people you have in your life who you love and appreciate.
    20. With everyday that passes in December we are getting one day closer to pigs in blankets. Who else is drooling right now!?

    If you don’t feel relatively Christmassy after reading this list then there is something seriously wrong with you and you immediately must put on Home Alone and drink a glass of Baileys!

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