5 Great Sustainable Fashion Principles Anyone Can Apply!

5 Great Sustainable Fashion Principles Anyone Can Apply!

    Sustainable fashion is a topic that has been preoccupying me more and more in recent years. Granted- the way we impact our planet in general is a subject I’m passionate about, thanks to my parents.

    But since fashion is also my passion, I wanted to make more of an effort towards bridging the gap between the two. Because I truly believe we can all make a positive impact when it comes to making our fashion consumption habits more sustainable.

    My first actions?

    1. Doubling down on habits for slowing down fast fashion consumption.
    2. Commiting to shopping less, and knowing more about the companies I’m buying from.
    3. And researching the true environmental impact of fashion.

    I figured you can’t really support a cause before correctly understanding it, right? And with all the tricky lingo and more-or-less accurate statistics that surround the concept of sustainability, it’s easy to get confused.

    After all, what’s really “green”, “ethical”, “conscious”, “organic”, “fast & slow fashion”? And can you really trust a label? Or better said- can you interpret it correctly?

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