5 Tips on Feeling Super Confident in Yourself

    Hello everyone,

    Happy November! Can you believe October’s gone now? It seems that months are going faster and faster, that’s why we need to be making the most out of our time. Happy living means a lot of things, from knowing how to appreciate what you have to having confidence in yourself. The latter can have a significant impact in your life, that’s why, I’m giving you my tips on feeling super confident in yourself. 

    1. Power dressing 

    Does it really work? I've run a test and honestly the impact that power dressing has on self-confidence is huge. Just think about it. How do you feel when you're sitting around your house in lounge wear vs. how do you feel when you're wearing a blazer, cool long trousers and some sexy heels? Ready to take over the world, right? While when you wear basic outfits, you might get comfortable and feel the need to stay in your own shell. On a Thursday night, arrange all of your outfits for next week, because sometimes nice items need ironing and I'm sure you don't have the time to spend time on that during the rushed mornings. Only reach for the ones that make you feel amazing. Forget basic & boring. It's time for edgy & cool for a great confidence boost!

        2. Affirmations 

    Affirm to yourself all the wonderful qualities you've got. That way, you'll remember them all and feel ready to do anything that life might throw at you. I'd recommend writing them down in your agenda or on sticky notes. Just ensure they're in a place where you can see them quite often. They work as a nice reminder and do wonders for your self-confidence. Why not try this now?

        3. Don't let fear get to you 

    Easier to say than done, right? You might not feel confidence to do something new or different. Why would that be? It's often because you might feel fear approaching. Don't let it get to you though by constantly repeating your affirmations, listening to podcasts on success stories, read people's blogs about self-confidence and watch how others have managed to get where they are today. Thing is, we're all powerful and unique, we sometimes need a little push to go outside our comfort zone. 

        4. Make a look change

    Sometimes changing your look might do more for your confidence than you expect. How? It's pretty simple. You'll feel more confident because similar to power dressing, a nice haircut can give you that boost you need. Get your inspiration from a strong character from a series you watch or a celebrity you follow online and get ready for the power that you will feel. Even more, people around you, will love your fresh appearance and you'll feel amazing to know how supported you are in your life. Make that change. Confidence is only a scissor away!

       5. Meet people who are more confident than you are

    The influence these people will prove really valuable to you in the long run. The power of example still works. That's why, hang out with people who have accomplished what you're after or simply have the traits you’d like to own. It's a wonderful experience that will bring you really close to them.  In terms of where to find them, think places such as your job, different groups of interest (eg. Blogging, entrepreneurial, sports). Just keep doing what you love and you'll find them, but you need to be proactive.

    Well, these would be my top 5 things to when it comes to building up your self-confidence. Remember, you've got this in you!

    Wishing you the best of luck,

    Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

    • Andrada C Andrada C :

      Hi guys :) thanks for reading. If you would like to discuss more, I'm here!

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      This is such a great post! Thank you for sharing a few ways to boost self-confidence! 



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