7 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Feel Happy Every day By Removing The 'Blocks'

7 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Feel Happy Every day By Removing The 'Blocks'

                                          Easy Ways To Make Yourself Feel Happy Every day

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     "Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life."  ~Unknown

    Do you think so?
    I do!
    Happiness is not in what you were; or what you want in the coming days- rather the very 'this moment.' The present condition- present state of your well-being- where you are consciously aware of your life, and your actions is important to make yourself feel happy every day!

    "If you can't stay happy, you can never know- what happiness 'feels' like; in any given scenario."

    Like the famous writer on self-improvement; Dale Carnegie defines happiness as,"it isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about."

    I have always mentioned in my previous posts that,"what you think, matters." Our thoughts completely control the whole system in the body. Our behavior, actions, reactions- all are results of how we make ourselves feel all-the-time!

    Can we design a happier and more fulfilling life for ourselves?
    Yes, we can!
    Listen to the needs of a "happier you:" 

    Believe me! nobody can make you a 'happier you;' if you don't take the first step! This is the reason- I had to take a big leap from where I was- to a 'new' happy me.

    I have always tried many ways- to not only make myself a happier person, but continue being a happier me. - with every day ups and downs, changes and challenges as well as with life's unsolved questions.

    I try everything I can, to add a purpose and loads of inspiration to my everyday life. Things that bring me immense joy; activities that can keep me occupied while motivating me to smile and feel good from the inside out; and many more 'favorite stuffs,' to spend time with- specially on the days that aren't going so well. They kind of act as an inspiring layer to my really bad days!

    "Staying happy is necessary to continue living."

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    If you are one among many, who diligently want to feel & stay happy; then come out of your 'current zone' (present state of mind), and take a look around you for the things that can give you comfort and protection. Make a choice, and continue walking towards it- who you think can bring you a smile- may it be a person or an activity. At this time; nothing is more important than 'feeling happy and peaceful.' So go for it, and give a try.

    Stay strong in choosing your happiness; because 'true happiness' matters! 

    Try these few ways, to remove everything that blocks your happiness and freedom- of who you are in real life:-

    Practice Inner Peace: 

    'Making peace' with your present life is the first step towards finding happiness. Realize the needs and reasons to feel complete and satisfied with your present 'you.' Thoughts like; what you did not achieve, or could not achieve; etc. will only trigger anger and dissatisfaction.  

    What I Do- Every time I am distracted by any kind of annoying unhappy thoughts about any incident or a person; I try to shut my mind immediately. I try not to call anyone, answer any phone calls, or visit any social media sites for at least that day! I get busy playing with my kid or going out for running or walking; or just spending time with my camera, sketchbook, and books. Sometimes, meditation also helps me to calm my thoughts.

    Don't Allow People To 'Edit' You: 

    Every time you open yourself up to people for sympathy, suggestions or advice- know that; you are going to be judged, compared and may be hurt! Others (even your close ones') may not see at 'your' problems- as problems! You will be showered with advises; and many don't dos'. And many others will take this opportunity to prove that- "you have always done things wrong, and then got into trouble." These reasons are enough to make you sad, depressed, lonely, unsettled and upset.

    That does not mean- you should not share your feelings, or the reasons for being the 'unhappy you.' Remember to share with them; who accepts you (even with negative qualities), who encourages you, who believes in you, and brings out the best in you.

    What I Do-Even after knowing who is going to make me unhappy and upset; I end up speaking out my problems to them. I was hurt many times and my trust was crushed several times! That's when I practiced keeping few things up to myself, and share only with them- who knows me and my problems very, very well. I spill out my reasons for feeling unhappy and dissatisfied; only to those people, who are patient enough to understand my scenario. Otherwise, I try to journal it or write it down. This helps me to ease my frustration and to find a way out of it!

    If It Really Hurts, 'Cry Out Loud':  

    Sometimes; crying out loud (just like a baby) is the best solution to drain out your hurt emotions. Try to do it when you are alone. This will give you a better strength to deal with the problem (s) further, and you will feel 'light at heart.'

    What I Do
    -I always do that; specially when I cannot speak out my problems to anybody! 

    Have A Good Opinion Of Yourself:

    Everyone will say something to you, about you; or will see you from their perspective. Important is how much you know yourself? How you feel about yourself? Do you know when you are right and when you are wrong?

    If your answer is, 'yes'; I am confident-you can control your happiness too!

    Accepting right and wrong about yourself- is another easy path to 'stay happy.' This means, you are aware of the reasons that can trigger any unhappy thought in you!

    What I Do-I listen to my close friends or family-about their suggestions, advises; etc. But then I discovered that, they are not always correct! They did their part of explaining, but I must also understand- where I am right or wrong!

    I never used to do that; and later the thoughts about these conversations used to make me very upset. But, slowly I decided to have a good opinion of myself too, and then see where I stand in it! 

    Only Do What You Think- 'You Can Do!

    People will (unnecessarily sometimes) challenge you to do what they can do; or they are good at. But you do not heed to such challenges! Do; what you think- you can do. Do not listen to their negative comments or humiliations. You know what you are good at, so do not wait for approval from others. Stop caring about such people in your life; and understand that they can only talk about what they know; and you are doing what you know. And that is enough to shut-their-mouth!

    What I Do- I have been a major victim of this situation in my life. Initially, I used to really think that; "I am such a waste! I don't know anything, but slowly I realized- I am better at many things. So why not I concentrate on those areas rather than "beating around the bush!"

    I started caring less about what, and who says what- to me. I am aware of my gifted and cultivated strengths, now! And this awakening gave me the courage to stand for what I believe in; and to do my dreams. 

    SHIFT + DELETE Negative Thoughts

    If any kind of negative thought (s) seem to appear in your mind- quickly say it loud to yourself- "shift+delete," and start thinking about something good-"some happy thoughts."

    What I Do- I do the same thing! Just change my area of thoughts and focus on good, happy things around me, that's right there around me . 

    Engage Your Mind In 'Creative Activities': 

    "A creative person knows the best utilization of his or her time." Most of them are crazy about their tasks; so hardly care about results! I feel they are the most *happy people on earth; as they have a 'beautiful purpose' towards life and living (*Some get disappointed when they seriously start chasing success; and stop enjoying what they are doing).

    "If you really have a creative wing; open it and fly." I am sure; you will find your purpose- and will also enjoy along the way! Nothing can be as happy as living your dreams, or working towards it!

    What I Do- I have a purpose now; and I am working really 'hard' towards it! I keep my options open to-what I like doing, to keep myself happily busy:)

    Building a stronger relationship with yourself, and listening to your needs is so fulfilling. This requires a lot of patience, understanding and eagerness. If you really want to be a 'happy person,' then you are sure to find reasons- to stay and feel happy every day. Just go with the flow rather than expecting anything!

    Taking care of yourself from the inside out; makes you better each day, and happiness fills your life with success, peace, prosperity and fulfillment.

    "If you still haven't discovered your "happiness code," then let me help you in finding easy ways to make yourself feel happy every day. Feeling truly happy from within can never be obtained by being successful or accumulating more and more stuff- but finding joy in simple small things, by making each day of your life simple yet productive (doesn't matter if the productive task is simply spending some close time with your kids and family), because people who make you smile, laugh, and feel good are the real make ups - you give to your heart and mind." ~Epsita

    Each day is important in our life, so make yourself feel happy everyday!

    Main Image Credit- Pexels-Pixabay

    • Caroline B Caroline B :

      My friend posted something on social media the other day about happiness not being an idea you can chase after- happiness is where you are right now, and if you can't come to learn that, it is something you will have trouble finding. Lots of people (myself included) tend to think that once they get a new job, new apartment, new relationship, etc., that's when they will be happy. This post came at the perfect time as I have been thinking about this philosophy all week! I love the tips you gave and am definitely going to practice inner peace as my first step. 

      3 years ago 
      • Epsita M Epsita M :

        Thank you for sharing this with me, Caroline <3 I'm glad to know that this post was helpful to you. Thank you for the love, like, for reading, and taking time to write to me <3 

        3 years ago 
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