7 Effective Tips on How To Have Great Sex

    Sex is an important part of healthy relationships. Unfortunately, sex can become a dull routine thing, especially for couples that live together for many years. In this case, it is essential to change the situation and improve the quality of your sex life. In this article, we have gathered seven effective tips on how to have great sex.

    1. Get rid of complexes and low-self-esteem

    If you want to improve your sex life, you need to start changes from yourself. Indeed, low self-esteem and a bunch of various complexes toward your body can significantly affect the quality of your sex. If you don’t like something in your body, you can always try to change it. You can exercise, change a haircut, undergo teeth whitening, or do whatever you want.

    2. Don’t skip foreplay

    Many people tend to skip foreplay but you should understand that it can make sex better. You can massage your partner with oils, kiss him or her, or do whatever you want to burn the desire. The point is that the arousal and natural lubrication in women may take some time and the longer the foreplay, the more pleasant sex can be.

    3. Aromatherapy can be useful

    Aromatherapy, also called essential oil therapy, is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and wellness. It uses aromatic essential oils to improve both physical and emotional health. Additionally, it is a great way to relax your body, relieve stress, and get rid of annoying thoughts that can distract you from sex. You should also know that there are special aroma compositions that can improve your sex drive. 

    4. Take care about contraception

    If you don’t want to deal with an unwanted pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases, you need to prepare contraception beforehand. There are two types of contraception, barrier and hormonal. Barrier contraception (male and female condoms, cervical caps, spermicides, etc.) are available in drugstores. If you want to use hormonal contraception, you need to visit the top gyn specialist that will prescribe you a suitable option. 

    5. Discuss your preferences in sex beforehand

    There is a common misconception that talks about sex are embarrassing or forbidden. But if you want to have good sex, it is essential to discuss what you like and what you don't like with your partner. Many people have similar sexual fantasies and don't know about it for years. That's why it is better to talk with your partner about your preferences in sex and make them come true.

    6. Wear warm socks

    Some studies show that warmth can help reach the orgasm faster. That's why it is better to have sex in a warm room or at least wear warm socks during sex. The point is that warm clothes or a blanket help relax your body and you will spend less energy to keep your body warm.

    7. Try something new

    New places, clothes, or poses for sex can give you a lorlt of positive impressions and make your sex life much better. There is no need to study Kamasutra and try all these difficult poses. You can simply choose another place in the house for sex. Another option is to try aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are foods and drinks that stimulate sex drive and make sex more remarkable. 

    The bottom line

    If you have noticed that your sex life worsens and sex becomes a duty instead of the pleasure, it's high time to improve the situation. The aforementioned tips can help you improve your sex life, boost your sex drive, and enjoy your sex.

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