7 Inspirational Habits To Add To Your Everyday Life

7 Inspirational Habits To Add To Your Everyday Life

    We all need small bites of "inspiration," to start our day, and go to bed peacefully at night, and also to wake-up happily and charged next morning!  So do you think we need to adopt some good habits that are equally inspirational and important to our everyday life?

    I read somewhere,"life is beautiful when you are laughing." So true! 

    When we are happy in true sense; we see beauty everywhere. We feel motivated and inspired to live more and do more. Finding ways to inspire our everyday life may seem tough, but a little effort and practice can make it simpler. 

    One of the ways, I live inspired is by finding things to do- that brings me joy and peace.  Attract happy thoughts, from the time you leave your bed in the morning. 

    Sometimes thinking happy may seem difficult, but when you decide doing good for yourself and for the people you love, you will learn to live a happy life!   Draw inspirations from others. Try to focus on the good side. Discard what looks bad! Ignore who do not think you are worthy.

    I have so many similar relationships in my life- that I guess, will never get better! Not even tomorrow, or in the coming days. But that does not mean, I am at fault. I cannot sit and feel sad about it, nor I can alone make it better! I can only hope; things will get better some day!   I wish we can find solutions to all our problems, but that does not mean we will stop living!

    Life is a beautiful purpose (itself). You are alive for a reason and live that reason rather feeling bad for the things that's not under your control.

    Find answer to questions like; what happiness  looks like, and why you need it? Who all will be affected if you stay unhappy and miserable? 

    "I believe inspiration is everywhere. All we need to do is grab it and include in our life. "

    From morning until I hug the bed at night, I hunt for reasons to keep my spirits up and high. Anytime during the day, if I feel sad or angry (about someone or something), I try to shift my focus and get busy in "inspiring" myself. I read blogs, and books, take photographs, write, I draw, create, do the dishes, do the laundry, cook my favorite food, go biking, create YouTube videos; and many more such things, that keeps me busy and "productive"! I try not to think anything, rather just do and keep myself busy.

    But sometimes I guess, keeping yourself busy is not enough to feel inspired! Then what can we do to feel a constant flow of inspiration everyday?    I would say- practice!  Practice looking at the good things in life. Practice picking up your interests, hobbies and dreams- that you have left behind.


    Practice living a fulfilling satisfactory life everyday, by avoiding the "sources" that turns your enthusiasm and productivity upside down!   I have been practicing how to 'stay inspired,' since the day I realized- my happiness is important for me to take care of myself and my family. I understand that, my emotions can only get better once I live a meaningful life, every single day. Living with a smile on my face and in my heart too! I was tired of living a burdened life- with complains, guilt, failures, past wounds and "past me."

    I realized I am in complete charge of my life, and nobody; yes! nobody can make me happy and peaceful, except me! "It is only me, that can add a purpose to my living." Life is most of the times; full of blames and unwanted expectations. But if we learn to shut them out of our life- we earn mindfulness and a purpose! 

    I try every possible way to stay motivated and inspired every single day. And being so, has helped me to add some inspirational habits into my daily life. Pick the one that works good for you.   

    1. Feeling Confident- There was a time when I had no idea; about who I am and what I can do, but in the present day I am totally sure about my capabilities and the qualities within me.  So wake up each day feeling confident about yourself.


     2. Gratitude & Reflection- I never forget to spend some time in gratitude, saying my prayers, and working on my reflections, etc; as I thank God for all the good things he has brought my way. And that's the first thing I do as I leave my bed.  


     3. Connecting With Nature- Nature plays a very important role in shaping our  thoughts, clearing our negative mind, and in bringing everyday inspiration to us. These magical moments were missing in my life; until I realized the  importance of nature's miracle! Days like when I am very upset and or  doubtful, I take some time out and go for a walk, or just sit quietly and observe  the serenity. 

    Feel the bright side of the day and connect with nature unconditionally. Nature's beauty and the natural gifts all around us, is so inspiring and powerful;  that you will definitely end up writing few lines, or capturing the mesmerizing  beauty in your camera. I always feel inspired to write more when I spend some quiet time amidst nature. 

    4. By Being A Voracious Reader- I was able to develop a heavy appetite for books and reading. Nothing can be more inspiring than reading a book or inspirational quotes and stories, that introduce us to the magical wonders of  life.  Words are magical! I start my day reading blogs and stretching out to books and magazines; and end my day by scribbling my learning, jotting down important lessons and takeaways from the books/articles I read that day, and also some new topic ideas for my next articles. This feels so productive and empowering to know what I want to do next!
    I also pen down all the plans and to-do lists for the coming days. This inspires me to start and end my next day successfully and purposefully.

    5. By Creating Happy Moments With Kids- Definitely my kids are my inspiration. They inspire me everyday to  write journals (where I freeze their everyday life, win, loss, achievements, proud moments, future predictions,  and endless emotions), to write experiences from life and relationships. I was able to create happy and beautiful moments for my kids, from the day I learned, how important it is to inspire myself every day! Now I love watching them at play or doing their tasks patiently! I learnt appreciating their spirits and enthusiasm.  

     6. By Laughing More- I find reasons to laugh a lot everyday! Even when I am  hurt or sad, I continue to laugh with my kids. I try to have more fun moments with them; and if nothing else, I try watching a funny movie/ video and laugh more. This prepares me for the upcoming changes and challenges in my life and  career. I start my day with smile and giggles and try to end it the same way:)

    7. Living A Complaint Free Life- Problems will never leave you, until you learn to deal  with them! So I decided to be more present in my life and to focus on inviting better things, rather than just complaining about the negative events and responses. I  was able to inspire my life without comparing it with others.

    Now, problems can never prevent me from living my life purposefully!
    Inspiration may seem to be a difficult word, but finding one around you is never impossible. Keep your chin up in the most challenging days of your life. Find a reason that brings smile on your face; that motivates you to reach out to your  dreams! And makes your days brighter, because you matter!

    So are you ready to add some of these inspirational habits into your daily life? Strive to make every moment  beautiful and to make your day meaningful. Do not forget to compliment and show gratitude  towards all the "beautiful "things, you have received in your life. 

    Main Photo Credit -Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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