7 Ways to Stop Hating Mondays

    Weekends are all about leisure, adventure, no alarm mornings, family time. They are meant to let you take a break from your working week and recharge. 

    But in reality, we are so enwrapped with catching up with laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and mundane chores that we end up feeling exhausted and grumbly on Mondays.

    We all blame Mondays for our brief weekends, for feeling mentally and physically unproductive.

    But who said that Mondays should suck?

    What if I told you that you could start appreciating Mondays more by just a simple change of a mindset? 

    Here are 7 Ways you can try to Stop Hating Mondays 

    1. Make it Relaxing

    Stop treating the weekend as an escape from work and stop treating Monday as a strict working day. Try to plan your week so that you don't have to cook or do some cleaning on Mondays. 

    Make Monday a relaxing day just to lean on the sofa and sip your coffee without any deadlines and urgent preparations.

    2. Look good

    Try to find the time during the weekend for some self-care. 

    Get a manicure, do your hair, try to wear something new or one of your best outfits. When you look good and dress up nicer then you will feel more confident and more energetic to go on with your day. 

    3.  Do something exciting

    Do one of your favorite activities on Mondays. It may be watching your favorite TV-show or series, treating yourself to your favorite snack or dessert, turning on your mood-boosting playlists with some aromatic tea.

    One of my recent favorite activities is to write a post each Monday. I really feel productive and satisfied every time I have a blog post up and it is sure to boost my mood on Mondays. But I never feel stressed whenever I fail at this. The point is to enjoy what you are doing.

    4. Do some shopping

    If you avoid shopping and the crowded malls at the weekend like me, you can go shopping on Mondays. If you don't feel like leaving the house, indulge yourself in some online shopping and you can enjoy your new products by the end of the week.

    5. Enjoy your Sunday

    Sundays are related to Monday blues so much that we often dread having an outing or going on an adventure on Sundays. But I do feel blue on Mondays every time I stay in as I spend my time cleaning and cooking and not really relaxing.

    In my opinion, when we enjoy the weekend and make the most of it we feel more satisfied to go back to work. However, I prefer short trips as long ones usually drain me.

    6. Meet a friend

    Weekends are usually about catching up with the family. When you are married with kids, you spend most of your time on playgrounds and kids cafes.

    Why not have a close friend meet-up on Mondays to chat and vent about the happenings in your lives? A good conversation with an intimate friend is proven to ease stress and boost your energy level for the rest of the week.

    7. Give a fresh start to your week

    And finally, treat Monday as a fresh start, as an opportunity to start something new, maybe a new course, a new habit which will become a new lifestyle. 

    Start your week with goals and be persistent.

    The key to stopping hating Mondays is to change our attitude.

    70% of our lives are weekdays, so why should we spend our lives hating them and looking for weekends and vacations? 

    Do you live 5 out of the 7 days thinking that you are doing something unpleasant while dreaming about the weekend?

    If you have any tips on how to spend a smooth and enjoyable Monday, share with me in the comments sections below.

    • Caroline B Caroline B :

      Reading this was a great way to start off my Monday- I definitely agree about feeling down on Sundays as the start of the week approaches, but if I take time to fill my weekend with fun plans and things I enjoy I find that I feel more motivated and ready to be productive once Monday comes again! 

      3 years ago 
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