9 Awesome Devices That Must Be in Every Car

    Almost all the things that we use in everyday life work from batteries or from electricity. Even on a trip, we take a huge number of electronic devices that can ease a long trip. Fortunately, the choice is very wide and everyone can find the most suitable devices. This list of gadgets will help you choose which ones to take on the road and how they can help you. 

    1. DVR

    Controversial cases on the roads, intruders, and illegal actions police officers are not a complete list of problems that a driver may face on the road. For this reason, DVRs are so popular. The record of road events can be the necessary evidence that will help the car owner avoid false accusations and provide real proof of innocence.

    2. GPS navigator

    Modern GPS navigators can search for requested addresses, show directions, display data about traffic, parking lots, gas stations, and other things important to the driver. With such a gadget it will be difficult to get lost, wherever you go.

    3. Universal power adapter

    It is unlikely that someone will be happy if the phone will turn off during the trip. Fortunately, there are car power adapters that plug into the car’s cigarette lighter and may charge your mobile phone from it. Multifunctional power adapter has USB ports, and therefore are suitable for a large number of gadgets, regardless of model and manufacturer.

    4. Blind Spot Mirrors

    Every driver with even minimal driving experience knows that conventional side mirrors do not give a full view of the space around the car. There is a so-called blind ("dead") zone, which is not reflected in the side mirrors. An additional mirror that is mounted under the standard can significantly extend the viewing angle. These kinds of accessories are called blind spot mirrors and they really help decrease the risk of an accident. However, even after accident you will be able to sell your junk car for cash.

    5. Device for an emergency exit from the car

    The driver must be ready for any kind of situation including urgent evacuation from the car. Some situations can be life-threatening if you cannot get away from the inside. There is a special tool for such situations. This is the keyring with a knife for seat belts and a hammer for glass. Perhaps such a device will not be superfluous.

    6. Car vacuum cleaner

    When it comes to cleaning inside the car, it's hard to overestimate such an assistant as a car vacuum cleaner. This compact device will quickly get rid of sand, hair, and other small but noticeable waste that has fallen on the seats and other surfaces.

    7. GPS beacon

    If someone has stolen your car you may only report to the police and hope for the best. But if a tracking device is hidden in the car, this significantly increases the chances that you will find your car. A GPS beacon is a miniature autonomous gadget that periodically sends its current coordinates to a user's computer or smartphone. You can easily hide such a device in your car.

    8. Pressure gauge

    The level of tire pressure affects fuel consumption and car sensitivity on the road. For this reason, it is why it is extremely important to monitor this indicator. An automobile pressure gauges will help you to do this. Thanks to this measuring device, the driver can quickly understand whether he should pump the wheels or not.

    9. Fridge

    During the trip, the car becomes your temporary home. Each house should have a kitchen, and the kitchen should have a refrigerator. It allows food to stay fresh and drinks cool. If the trip is short, you can use a special box with thermal insulation. Such a box may maintain cold temperatures for about eight hours. If you are traveling on long distances, then a small car refrigerator will be very useful. 

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