9 Creative Ideas for Bridesmaid’s Dresses

    The second most important woman at the wedding ceremony is the bridesmaid. A responsible mission is assigned to her - to accompany, support and follow the main character of the holiday throughout the day. 

    The image of the bridesmaid will inevitably be caught by the lenses of the photographer and videographer. She will be reflected in the wedding pictures and video that will stay a forever memory. Therefore, brides devote so much time and effort to choosing an outfit for their best friend. Her look should become a worthy continuation of the images of a young couple and harmoniously fit into the theme of the celebration. 

    The task becomes more complicated when more than 3 bridesmaids participate in the wedding ceremony. What to wear for each of them to look good in life and the lens of a wedding photographer, but not to overshadow the main beauty of the holiday?! 

    Get inspired by ideas for a bridesmaid’s dresses that will emphasize the charm of every girl and will not disappoint the main princess of the ball. 

    1. Matching dresses

    For many years now, the idea of dressing bridesmaids in exactly the same way, from fabric to the arrangement of tucks, has not left the minds of brides. A bunch of girls dressed in luxury dresses will highlight the touching look of the bride.

    But where can you find, for example, 10 identical dresses in all the sizes you need? The first option is to buy a bridesmaid dress from the online store. The second, a little more costly in terms of time and money, is to order custom dresses.


    • 100% hit in the style of the wedding ceremony;

    • The attention of the guests will be riveted to the bride as the main character of the celebration;

    • The same dresses will allow you to make beautiful conceptual photos, serving as a chic monochrome frame for the bride;

    • Bridesmaids in the same outfits look spectacular, expensive, and stylish.


    • Buying identical dresses is an additional expense for the bride;

    • If the selected dresses are not available in the required amount and size in the store, they will have to be sewn customly, which entails time and effort spent on finding fabric, taking measurements, etc.;

    • It is quite difficult to choose a style of dress that would fit equally well on girls with different builds and features of the bodies.

    2. Themed Wedding

    A wedding outdoors under a wild maple or in an endless lavender field has long been an unshakable trend. If you decide to hold a concept wedding in the style of rustic, eco, retro, boho, vintage, or glamor, the clothes of the bridesmaids should match the idea. In this case, the robes may differ in color, fabric, style, or pattern, but at the same time, the main idea of celebration should be traced in each one.


    • Bridesmaid outfits that correspond to a certain wedding concept look harmonious, elegant and unusual;

    • A variety of styles, fabrics, and design techniques used in tailoring dresses, allow you to create a unique and inimitable image for each girl, without getting out of the general style of the event.


    • Not every girl will be comfortable buying an outfit of a special design and color if she does not wear similar dresses in everyday life.

    • Given the subjective view of the guests on what the dress should look like at a themed wedding, the dissonance between outfits is possible. It will be especially striking in shared photos and videos.

    3. Ceremony in white

    The most controversial, but undoubtedly very touching and gentle trend is a wedding in snow-white colors. In this case, the dress code applies to the clothes of not only the newlyweds but also people close to you.

    So that the bride does not get lost between her friends in the same dazzling white outfits, you can play in contrast. If the bride is in a fitted long dress made of lace, then the bridesmaids should wear midi dresses made of smooth silk, satin or crepe.

    4. Single style

    To make the atmosphere of the celebration brighter, more colorful and more fun, friends can wear multi-colored dresses in the same style. The concept looks graceful and vibrant. It is especially pleasing that all the accents, eyes and attention of the guests will be shifted to the beautiful bride. And there are so many interesting ideas for pictures!

    5. General color scheme

    If there are a lot of girls accompanying the bride, you can not focus on one cut but emphasize the color. Sky blue, pale lilac, pink, burgundy, emerald, marshmallow or all shades of powder - there are plenty of ideas for creativity!

    The advantage of this concept is that girls are not limited in their choice of dress model. In addition, even if the given color palette is not among your favorites, you can find the one that suits you from hundreds of shades.

    6. Outfits that create an ombre effect

    One of the perfectly thought out variations on the theme of the general palette of colors, which consists in creating a composition of bridesmaids’ outfits from the darkest to the lightest tone. The key role, as intended, is played by a beautiful bride in a dazzling white outfit.

    To implement this idea as accurately as possible, you should follow certain rules:

    • At least 5-6 girls must participate in the action;

    • It is important that all girlfriends' outfits are made from the same fabric;

    • To create an impeccable color picture, long dresses are best.

    • Light version - separate outfits with a color gradient.

    7. Single fabric

    Fabric can become the main storyline that will be traced and unite the outfits of all participants in the ceremonial action. The bridesmaids are wearing emerald-colored velvet dresses, the bride is wearing a belt, and the groom is wearing a butterfly. Well-coordinated, fashionable and modern solutions will become a staple of the wedding.

    8. Printed dresses

    If your soul desires something fresh, original and something that you will not find in every wedding photo, then you can resort to using printed dresses. A flower, polkadot, stripe, fantasy or geometric pattern will look decent in absolutely any style of the holiday. A wedding is a great opportunity to realize all your creative potential, so you should not limit yourself to one pattern. Properly arranged 2-3 prints plus plain outfits will look stylish together.

    There are many advantages in this approach, but the most important thing is that such a dress for a bridesmaid can also be found in a regular store. And this is many times faster and cheaper than looking for a robe in a bridal salon or tailoring.

    9. One color but different cut

    If the idea with monotonous dresses seems too simple for you, then you can experiment with the style of the dress - bridesmaids will only thank you for it! Because everyone will have the opportunity to choose the dress model that will be flattering for their bodies and emphasize individuality and beauty.


    • A harmonious combination of bridesmaids' outfits allows you to maintain the intended style of the celebration;

    • Each girl will be able to choose the style that best emphasizes the dignity of her figure;

    • Photos of the bride with bridesmaids in dresses of the same color look impressive and stylish.


    • The dress of the preferred style, taking into account the peculiarities of the build of each girl, may not be available in the required shade, so you will have to tailor it or look for another model.

    • Cardinally different styles of dresses, for example, fitted with a wide long skirt and short tight, bring disharmony to the perception of the bride's retinue as a whole.

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