9 Useful Tips For Clear Healthy Glowing Skin

9 Useful Tips For Clear Healthy Glowing Skin

    Are you looking for some tips to get clear, healthy glowy skin? Before jumping on the skincare bandwagon, I didn’t know anything about skincare at all. All I knew was that washing my face with soap and water was all that I need to have clear skin. Though that is not completely true, using products that actually work with your skin is one of the essential components to clear healthy skin. 

    My winter skincare regime is composed of products that I have been using for a while now and have given my face a clear glowy skin that I have never seen before. It’s ridiculous. If you want clear glowy skin without the foundation or makeup, unless you’re a makeup enthusiast, then here’s a blog post that gives tips on how to keep that beautiful face clean, healthy, and glowy every day. 

    Let’s get started. 

    Drink Lots Of Water

    If you’re not a fan of water, I am sorry to say that water will definitely need to be part of your skincare regime if you want clear skin. There are so many benefits to drinking water. Our body is made of over 60% water, so, therefore, replenish our body with water is essential. Here are a few reasons water is beneficial to your body:

    1. Eliminating wastes
    2. Keeps our body temperature normal
    3. Keeps your body hydrated from the heat
    4. It boosts skin health

    If you don’t like the taste of water, there are plenty of flavored water brands out there you should try. The important is that you need to get your 9 cups of water every day to benefit from healthy skin. 

    Sleep Well

    Though your skin produces oil as you sleep, your body and skin need rest so that it rejuvenates. The skin is repaired daily, especially in the night time when you sleep. Getting the required sleep, 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary for proper blood flow, reduce sleep deprivation and stress, reduce dehydration, and provide balance to the immune system. Your body will work for you if you take care of it. 

    Use Sunscreen

    Sunscreen is a must use to prevent uneven skin, cancer, and premature aging. Yikes! I didn’t even know that bit until a few years ago. Sunscreen is an important product to use after applying all your necessary products so that when you go outdoors, your skin is protected and hydrated so you can face the day without worry.

    Eating Well

    You may have heard this before, but I truly believe in this. As much as I love eating, there are just some things that I had to let go or eat in moderation.

    Goodbye Ice Cream, See You Next Month…

    Products that contain lots of sugar are definitely a no-no. There are actually certain products, such as bread and skim skin you should avoid. Doing proper research on what’s good and not good for you is a great start to understanding what food is good for your body, which then will give you clear healthy skin. 

    Use a Clay Mask

    I am in love with clay masks! They’re my go-to when I don’t have the time to properly clean my face. However, I do use this as a part of my skincare routine. Adding this to the mix of my skincare regime definitely improved my face! It keeps my face hydrated and unbelievably smooth (when washed with warm water and a clean small towel). 

    If you’re a face mask lover like I am, then it’s important to use the right type of clay mask that can properly clean your face. For combination skin, my favorite face mask brand comes from FREEMAN. They have the best face masks products around and I truly would recommend the try! One particular product I am currently using from them is the FREEMAN french pink clay peel-off mask. It works well by itself, but I love adding it to my winter skincare regime. 

    Clean Face Daily

    I would miss my wash skincare days especially when I am going to have a long day, however, I found the time to put in my skincare routine at a time of the day that suits me. Just as it is important to drink water and eat healthy food daily, so it is necessary to rid your face of impurities and dirt from your face every day too. 

    When you sleep, workout, or outside, your skin is congesting so may impurities that you don’t even know about, which could produce oily skin and even acne. Therefore, washing your face every day is not just a luxury or a self-care activity, it’s essential to a clear healthy, glowy skin. 


    Not All Products Are Equal

    Yes, not all products are equal so it’s important to know which product works well with your skin. If you have combination skin like mine, it’s rather difficult finding one that works for you. So make sure you properly try one product at a time, for at least a week or so, and determine the verdict. Almost everyone has oily skin but not all products work for everyone. This is the same with dry skin and/or combination skin. 

    Start Using A Toner

    I didn’t know anything about toners until last year. However, I am quite glad I’m using it now. A toner helps you balance your Ph level on your skin and unclogs your pores. This is one of the skincare regimes that I use daily. I recommend the use too, especially if you want to build a skincare product regime. I wrote about my winter skincare regimen if you want to check it out. 

    Use a Face Brush

    This has definitely changed my skincare game for sure. This has 3 times removed impurities from my face that I didn’t know about. How do I know that? It’s all in how your face feels after using a face brush. You feel clean but also smooth because of the product you used, along with the brush. You don’t have to buy a fancy brush. A simple face brush from the dollar tree is sufficient to give your skin the cleaning it needs. 

    There you have it!

    Do you have any tips to add to this post? Let me know in the comments below!

    Until Next Time,
    Simply Alia

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